The Stop message No1 of suicide.

Please be earnest and fight the problem currently.

Did you become earnest in old life and fought with the problem? Didn't you only escape and the weren't from the always hard things, the disagreeable thing, and the problem currently faced?

Please carry out dying to deferment. Please fight with "the problem about which it worries" earnest rather than it. Man will die from illness or senility some day. It is not necessary to get impatient. Now, the important thing for you is "how to live" until a life decays with nature. "How it lived" is important in you also with a short period. What does man really leave in life? Is it money? Is it property? Is it the track record of work? Is it creditable? To be sure, these things are also important. However, the most important things is "how you lived."

Now, your having to choose is becoming the problem and earnest which are faced and fighting. When the decision which you fight is made, it can be again born from a weak human being to a strong human being. The secret again born to a strong human being is making "the decision to fight." Supposing you have trouble with the illness of the hearts, such as "depression" and "neurosis", or your other corporal illnesses, please fight with those illnesses. And open and give that it is direct. It is that treating firmly fights. The illness of the heart is in the state in which the heart suffered from cold temporarily. Man will suffer from cold, if it is strained. If the head is also used too much, it will suffer from cold. You have to make it rest.

The figure which is fighting with the problem with which you are faced can give a surrounding man courage and hope. Also in the situation where you are the worst, "when the decision to fight is made", it can be beneficial to people. It can have influence good for people.

The time given to us was decided. Please use the given time effectively. Please leave "your good way of life" to your life.

Human beings also have many problems all over the world. However, it cannot be said to be since there is a problem, and cannot escape. Human beings have to fight with the problem, and cannot escape. Human beings have to fight with the problem currently faced. Human beings fight every day. Life is fought but is not an overstatement. Man is desperately alive under such circumstances. It crawls and the individual in the world, a country, and not all organizations come, as considered. It becomes no solution if it has escaped as since it dose not become satisfactory. It is actual to solve somehow and to fight desperately. There are many problem with which human beings, such as the North South problem, a food problem, the population problem, an environmental problem, a poverty problem, an AIDS problem, the Middle East problem, and a terrorism issue, are faced. However, human beings have to fight with these problems. Don't you become the friend whom you also fight at this opportunity? New life will surely open. A little thing to die should extend first and please consider such a thing. Life is only 1 time. Man finds joy and a pleasant thing, though fought with a problem. And it is trying to leave a good way of life. Please go into such a friend.

An example of the way of thinking of an easy good way of life.

I considered only my things until now. From now on, it carries out that it is good for society for people. Thus, how about thinking?And let's gather the empty can and garbage which have specifically fallen on the road near their own house. I think that it is in large numbers if many things are considered close. Participating in various volunteers is also one method. A good way of life can be merely performed by a little way of thinking.

To the stop message NO2 of suicide

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Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?


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