(Since he does not repent of your life)

Since we always have a target in everyday life, we can be living.
For example, he gets up in the morning and it passes to the school or the company everyday.
This can arrive at a school or a company without making a mistake, since the clear target is perfectly set as brains.

Suppose that the clear target to climb a mountain was set up.
If it does so, preparation will be begun variously.
How much food should be brought, the thing for safe reservation to be equipped, what kind of, and the course of a mountain …many things are inyestigated.
A precise plan tends to be formed and it is going to attain a target.

This is made just because it set up the clear target.
When a target is not set up temporarily, it can go to neither a school nor a company nor a mountain.
If there is no clear target, we will merely have stopped or will only become a missing child. Please consider this well first.
Although it is natural, it is we these not to know well that it is natural.
He is not conscious of having a target with us almost as clear in everyday life as it.

You think that it turned out well that it cannot arrive anywhere when there was no clear target about where does it come out of a house and to go.
Our life also has many such completely things. As for almost all people, it is actual for him to be busy with a life and to pass, with no clear target.
This state is that it is wasteful for our life which is not infinite.
Our life is short in it being unexpected like in the place of age time understanding. Please think over this once again.

A clear target is not size. It is whether an important thing burns the time which was how substantial in the life ※Amiraculously produced as man.
Those who think is natural without feeling anythings that have been born as man need to go to a library, and need to write the name of all living things other than the human being of this earth, and plants to a note.
It becomes impossible to be unable to enter and will scream.
It understands how there are many life objects other than man clearly.
When that is understood, the dreadfulness of having been born as mani known.
And if you notice that, let's be thankful to parents first.

Next, there may be those who say such a thing.
「It comes out that I eat as hard as possible, and such a margin cannot be found.」
「Work can be busy and such time cannot be found.」
However, it is not a nathing problem with a margin or time.
It is the problem of your way of life.
Time for a certain female painter to get married and draw a picture was lost. It has become busier with housekeeping etc, than the time of single.
A child is also born and it has become busyness.
However, that's right which bought the Picture by little and was if short time was found even if the female painter was in the busyness.
That's right which had many works rather more wonderful than its single days when much time was as a result left behind. (True story)

He valves time to the target and also comes to value the time of the whole life, so that it does not have time, when man is set a clear target up. Doesn't it have such an experience in the past?

Now, from this valid moment, after what kind of small target is satisfactory also for a pole and you, please think. All begin from thinking.
And if it does what, let's will write by ourselves whether this considered target can be attained to a note, and arrange. And please perform.
It is the beginning of there to your new life.

When or the day which goes to Heaven surely comes us. It comes to all men equally.
Please value now, also in order not to think that wat was necessary was just to have carred out such ways of life then to what was necessary having been just to have set in this way at that time.
And let's consider and perform a firm ※Bclear target.

That's right explained for it to be more difficult than dropped and finding a small needle in the middle of an open sea for founder Gautama Buddha of Buddism to be born as man.
It is not necessary to get impatient for a clear target and action.
It is important to think thoroughly and to act calmly.
What is necessary is just to think over, if the idea is wrong.
Pliability and breakare also important for life.
Please think over a clear target at this opportunity, without getting impatient if you please.
The calm thinking makes your life a thing with more substantial contents.

When a clear target is set up, it is also important to draw an image when the target is attained into the head … It is called image training.


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