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・ If the place of each title is clicked, the "poetry"there will come out.

・"The love of mere a few" is the beginning. It enters as turn below.

Pink is a "suicide prevention message"

1 The love of mere a few. 2 Honesty is wonderful.

3 Cleaning and the heart 4 The trial of a next world.

5 It lives. 6 Face

7 Weak oneself and strong oneself. 8 Taro's feeling.

9 The soliloquy of a way.

10 It was good to such a fish to be born.

11 Let's be thankful to an ancestor. 12 Life.

13 He want's to say Mr.Bear.

14 World five - continent's representation animal summit.

15 "The flower of a field" also without a name.

16 I am very sorry. 17 "Happiness of full soup"

18 It understands.

19 Suicide applicants.・・・・Responsibility of keeping living."

20 A youth must not draw the conclusion which dies early so much.

21 you must not die.

22 When encountering adverse circumstances, it is "assuming a defiant attitude."

23 What are useful foundations?

24 Sentence 25 Failure 26 Value of living this moment.

27 The message to a cancer cell. 28 Before choosing death.

29 Suffering. 30 Please do not pass death sentence for yourself.

31 From pain to comfort.

32 The first step of problem soliving begins from the gentle and humble heart.

33 You are people's "food." 34 Please wake up.

35 It is "the life which a smile dies and is arranged."Please lead such life.

36 Heart.


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