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The love of mere a few

「Thank you」 Language of gratitude of mere casual a few.

Is there such any wonderful language?

「Consideration of mere few」「Present of mere a few」
「Mutual concessions of mere a few」

That is right. It is good at mere a few. with mere a few・・・

The few is important. I understand at last.

If there is love of mere a few, self will come out, courage will come out and people will become bright.

Many are not needed. Many・・・

Various problems of this world have the love of mere a few, and I have felt that some are solved for them.

「Also war」「Also small trouble」「Also bullying」「Also human relations」・・・

「The love of mere a few」.

I will not notice such a thing why until now.


Honesty is wonderful

Even if it does a bad thing by mistake, it mistakes as I'm sorry honesty.
Although it is then hard, the time of thinking that it was good later comes.
Because, if you apologize honestly obediently, I will have you allow.
It may carry out then and may be cut.
However, since I am bad, I am unavoidable.
When it is sufficient just and tries to hide a lie, there is anything no then.
However, you are greatly troubled with later.
Honesty is a really important thing.
As for the honest feeling, the heart is always dispelled.
It is pleasant that the heart is dispelled.


Cleaning and the heart.

If it cleans up, the heart will feel it refreshed.
Is it because this phenomenon can take "the dirt of the heart"?
Many shellfishes adhere to a hull by the voyage with a long ship.

The "dirt" which hits a shellfish in a voyage called life adheres also to man's heart. This "dirt" can be taken by cleaning personal appearance every day. Then, the heart is always clear.

Every day of man's "heart" is a match. Apparently, because cleaning is merely cleaned, it is visible.
However, cleaning makes itself positive, a motivation is also pulled out and there is power of also changing oneself in the good direction.

The heart will become bright if an idea is changed in the good direction anything.
Now ! Let's begin one day from "arrangement order" and "cleaning" of the personal appearance which rubs today and is not made.


The trial of a next world

From now on, a trial while in life is performed.
What were you doing while in life?
I was acting as the volunteer for people.
I have killed people.
I only associated with other women and was.
And a mama was not cherished.
I worked hard for the family.
I told the lie, only deceived people and was.
I was only in playing danglingly without working.
I worked hard for people for the world.
A next world court gives judgment.
What did the good thing orders Heaven and paradise going.
What did the bad thing orders hell going.
What kind of man do you want to become, when it grows up from now on?
The time when you lived was already decided, even if there were other persons and some differences.
Although it seems that it is still long, there is a thing called a life with any living things.
A bad thing should do a good thing without carrying out.
If a bad thing is done, it will fall to hell, and it is put in by the iron pot of blood, is put to sleep by the bed of a needle, or it is thrown in into a big snake, and a lesson is given.
A bad thing is done and, probably a lesson is given.
It is troubled also while it is alive.
People's mind will become bright if a good thing is done, and if a bad thing is done, it can become dark.

It lives.

Is living for a long time fortunate?
Is living short unhappy?
Is becoming rich fortunate?
Is becoming poor unhappy?
It is not related that it is short when long.
Neither a rich man nor poverty is related.

If all people have a palatial residence, is there any happy feeling?
If all people become a billionaire, is there any happy feeling?
If all people ride on a luxury car, is there any happy feeling?
All the treasure on the earth was got.
When he had noticed, it was lonely on this earth.
Is there any happy feeling?

How is man fortunate if it lives?

Nobody will understand what for whether it cuts tomorrow.
News is not needed if it understands.
Life becomes less boring.
Since it does not understand, it is interesting.
Understanding is that it is alive in now.
In the past or the future, even if important, it is almost meaningless.
The future is the pile of the time "now".
Is not living now with a target as carefully as possible eternal happiness?
And I have thought that it is connected with the bright future.


A face is the only place of the body with which our "heart" appears.
The "heart" does not appear in a leg, a breast, and a belly.
We have to give nutrition to the "heart" and have to make good looks and the face which can have confidence.
Even if it makes up however and improves appearance, an important thing is a face without make-up.
We have to carry out true "makeup of the heart" to a face without make-up.
Then, true beauty will surely come out.
A face is the life itself which we have followed.
In order to make "good looks", let is study various things humbly.
Then, it will surely become "the face which can have confidence" naturally.


"Weak oneself and strong oneself"

Weak themselves and a strong one live together in their heart.
There is the good time when a weak it is fine at a certain time.
There is the good time when a strong it is fine at a certain time.

What are they eating? That is right. The mind in the heart is surely eaten and it is alive. The elements of mind are surely wisdom and knowledge.

When a weak one is fine good, it is a time of the stomach not growling, even if it eats mind.
When a strong one is fine good, it is a time of eating mind and the stomach growling.

In order to fill up the mind of their food, it is reading many beneficial books. Moreover, he has to study in school or has to study at home. And you have to store the energy of wisdom and knowledge in the head diligently. Otherwise, the warehouse of mind will become empty.

If a warehouse fills, confidence, courage, and a motivation will also spring and a strong one will become fine.

But a one weak in rare cases may become fine. Since it is man, it is unavoidable. It is resting slowly then. And let's take them to play.


「Taro's feeling」

I am "Taro" of a dog.
I am man's pet.
"Tama" of a cat lives in this house.
"Tama" is said to the house which becomes always free, or is said to play to various places.

Since I am tied by the chain, I am bad to play anywhere every day.
"Tama" is very enviable.

Loyalty has a dog to a master so much from a cat ・・・・・・・・

The dog with loyalty is tied by the chain.
Since there was surely a dog which bit people in a senior's dog, it became like this.

I want to say to man.
Man is more fearful than a dog.
Because, man is doing much that it is worse than a dog.
Why doesn't it connect such a human being with a chain?
At least, please open a gentle dog wide and free it.
Such a thing will be easy for man.

「The soliloquy of a way.」

It was easy a long time ago.
A long time ago, there was also no car like now.
At most, it was the grade with people which is or the carriage was running.
There was no heavy-duty truck like now.

While having said such a soliloquy, since I will turn, the large-sized trailer has run.
Which came and which came.
Painful! ・・・ painful! ・・・ painful! ・・・・
I am tired.
Those who consider my thing and run in man have nobody.

When you walk in rare cases, or when you run by car, please become the position of the way which always steps on and is spelled, and walk, or run.
Then, the heart of consideration may bud.

※We continued stepping on a way every day, and are living. The feeling of "continuing stepping on a way" does not have us. As for a "way", passing is natural. In some cases, I want to feel most with this "poetry". It means that the partner may be wounded with nature in association with people who think that we are natural. Let's check once again.


「It was good to such a fish to be born.」

Even if man eats me, I am the fish which is not delicious.
Therefore, even if caught in a net, I have you return to the sea.
It is kind.

My life was rescued by the favor.
It was good to the really delicious fish not to be born.

Man's net has taken already 5 times.
However, I had all returned to the sea.

However, inattention is impossible.
When delicious and unsavory, as for that taste, there is a large fish which eats me in the sea not related.
For me, the relatives in the sea are more fearful than man.

「Let's be thankful to an ancestor.」

Thank you for father and the mother.
Thank you for a grandpa and the grandma.
Thank you for the father of a grandpa and a grandma, and the mother.
Thank you for the father mother's father mother.
Thank you for the father mother's father mother.
Thank you for the father mother's father mother.
・・・・・・・・・・This time is medieval times.・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
・・・・・・・・・・This time is the time of the Roman Empire.・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・This time is the Stone Age.・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
・・・・・・・Thank you for the father of the human-beings beginning, and the mother.

If the ancestor also lacks one person, I do not exist in this world now.
How many persons were required for only me?
Probably it will surely become an astronomical figure.
The earth is born and it is about 4,600 million years.
When 4,500 million years are changed to time, it is 40,296 billion hours.
I am the work of art made using astronomical time and the astronomical number.
The life of all people that are now alive to this earth is a work of art.
We may give a high price for an artist's work.
It is clear the life's of every person to easily endure this price.
This also shows the importance of every person's life.
Therefore, you are valuable.
Let's be thankful to God and an ancestor.



The "Life" was not born suddenly. The earth is born and is 4,600 million years. 4,600 million years are 40,296,000,000,000 hours.
For your birth, time like this was required. People who are in your friend or the surroundings also needed time like this.

The solar system to which the earth belongs is born 10 billon years ago. 10 billon are 87,600,000,000,000 hours.
87,600,000,000,000 hours was required to bear you.
Other people are the same. Moreover, it is 15 billion years ago that the Big Bang of birth of this space occurred. 15billion are 131,400,000,000,000 hours. It was reavired for 131,400,000,000 hours to bear you in this large space. All people that are alive on the earth are also the same. Moreover, it counted and many ancestors who are not competent existed (Please refer to "Let's be thankful to an ancestor")

Now, it is such a thing that you exist. If you understand this, it turns out that a "life" is an irreplaceable important thing. Much time and many ancestors were required for you.

Considering this, it turns out that other people's "life" is important.

Suppose that you completed the picture using 131,400 billion hours and the paints cost of 1,314 billion dollars. Can you break such a picture easily, can tear it, or can cut it? You are the created work of art to which terrible time and effort was applied. Please consider "Life" of people who are in the surroundings, and all people that live on this earth in this way. Then, it turns out that it is valuable by "it is expensive", and a "Life" is truly important. And "respect" to people comes with nature.


「He wants to say Mr. Bear.」

I am Mr. Bear which lives in Japan.
Abnormal weather continues under the influence of warming in the past several years.
Since more typhoons than ancient times were hitting, the nuts of our food were lost completely.

Many friends went to the place in which man lives, looked for food, had it discovered to eat it, and it has been caught this year also.
We have done no bad things.
We lived ahead of man.
Man destroys nature, took out carbon dioxide for industrial prosperity, and has caused global warming.
Man made it such environment.
Therefore, why do we have to fall victim?


「World five-continents representation animal summit.」

March 10, 2005.
The hall
Japan. Ueno Zoological Gardens.
Subject for discussion
About man's foolishness.

Continent Representative.

The Africa continent representation:Lion President.
Eurasian Continent representation:President Tiger.
The North America continent representation:Buffalo President.
The South America continent representation:The spider monkey prime minister.
The representative of Australia:The kangaroo prime minister.

Chairperson:Lion President.

Lion President chairperson・・・The first world five-continents representation animal summit is held from this. A subject for discussion is "Man's foolishness." It carries out by free discussion.
Speak freely.
President Tiger・・・I do not understand that man thinks recently anymore.

The kangaroo prime minister・・・Such a thing will not be having started soon.

Buffalo President・・・It is said that the country which in 60 years ago dropped the nuclear bomb of no less than two shots to Japan according to the talk heard from my grandfather.
And many people anything does not have a crime were killed and wounded by once. It is said that there is nothing so then, and the bomb was stacked and dropped to "a machine like the bird which flies in the sky" called an airplane in the principal cities in Japan. And it is said that many buildings are destroyed, and many people anything does not have a crime were killed and wounded. It is said that today's March 10 is the day from which many firebombs were dropped to Tokyo in Japan 60 years ago. Tokyo serves as a burned field, and many people kill and wound it. It is really.

The spider monkey prime minister・・・It is said that such a thing is called war. A country and a country may say, "They need to war" and may agree. Moreover, one country may invade freely and may be warring. It is said that war is what may kill and wound people anything does not have a crime.

Lion President・・・I was very much surprised. Probably, there is no it. I will be called "man-eating lion" if one person also kills and wounds man, and I will be immediately shot to death by man by a gun. It is amusing that nothing is accused of a crime even if man kills and wounds many people in war.

President Tiger・・・The information that "terrorism" was having a large custom recently entered.

The spider monkey prime minister・・・What is it?

President Tiger・・・Their idea will deny other ideas that its idea is absolute. And a bomb is wound around man's body, or a car is loaded with a bomb, a target is assailed with questions, and it is made to explode. Consequently, many people fall victim. Among the victim, many people to whom anything does not have a crime are also contained. Such an act is called terrorism.

The spider monkey prime minister・・・I am surprised. Why is such a thing done? I do not understand.

President Tiger・・・Those who think excessively that its idea of man is right absolutely are also needed. And the other view will be denied. It is free to claim that an idea is right. However, if they are affirmed rather than denying other ideas and it permits each other each other, there will be no problem.

Kangaroo President・・・If it thinks such, set and there is no such deplorable thing.

Buffalo President・・・Then, people anything does not have a crime always fall victim. Such a thing is not allowed. Man does not understand him for what you are doing.

Lion President・・・That is right. That is man's foolishness.

Kangaroo President・・・However, man thinks that it is the cleverest, and is the greatest and he is the wisest on the earth.

The spider monkey prime minister・・・That is right. Nobody can deal with such living things. There is no medicine to attach.

President Tiger・・・Man owns many "nuclear bombs" which can ruin themselves.

Lion President・・・That is right. Man is not just going to understand that. Probably, we have the complicated situation which cannot be understood at all.

Buffalo President・・・There is a principle that we do not take food beyond necessity. That is protected from ancient times. Man's desire has an unfathomable thing. Have not various problems occurred from that?

President Tiger・・・According to handing down from my ancestor, if avarice is taken out not much, there is an instruction of ruining the body. Man may also be dangerous in the future.

Buffalo President・・・It is entire. Man's figure of its does not look good. It may be late when you have noticed that.

Lion President・・・The human being who does not understand why people are killed and wounded and blood was shed appeared recently. It may become what the Buffalo President said that such human beings increase in number.

Buffalo President・・・Man understands whether it is "more foolish than we." However, probably, man is not so foolish, either. Man has the wisdom and knowledge which we do not have. I think that it carries out somehow and a problem is solved.

The spider monkey prime minister・・・If man solves the problem well, our world will keep away. It is that man had better have you ruined for this earth. All problems, such as a warming problem by carbon dioxide, the population problem, destruction of nature, and an environmental problem, are solved at once.

President Tiger・・・It is so. That understands man. Therefore, man is studying the new product corresponding to environment with a new electro mobile etc. In addition to this, man is tackling on various problems earnestly. Man gives priority to what cannot be understood over us who are called economic effectuation. It may be caught too much by that and may not do.

Lion President・・・It seems that the opinion was also almost all out. Would you summarize the joint statement from President Tiger in around here?

President Tiger・・・Thank you for the chairperson and I nominating. As the first five-continents representation animal summit, I will perform as follows the contents of the joint statement about "man's foolishness" of this subject for discussion.

Joint statement

Although man looks foolish now, he is hopeful. Man's world is not only a foolish human being. There are many people who are truly worried about the future. We desire to also want man to be aware of his being a natural member. And I think that it will open also in the future if it is aware of that and improves. However, those who want to surely to "war", "terrorism", and "dispute" need to be fought and settled only by the persons concerned in a big desert. Involving in people without any crime is not allowed.

The first world five-continents representation animal summit.

Lion President chairperson・・・ Thank you for having summit attended a busy place lately. It is being wished the animal kingdom of five continents prospers increasingly. It is considered as a closing with this. Thank you.


"The flower of field" also without a name.

The surface of a mountain was seen suddenly.
The "flower of a field" which a name does not have, either was in bloom quietly .

There is also no gaiety and it was calmly in bloom.
Unlike the flower located in a line with the florist of a town, there was a calm atmosphere.
The plain gentle situation was set adrift, without stretching vanity, without stretching a bluff, without showing off its own flower.

There was almost no having seen the flower which settles down as for such the heart.
There are many flowers wherever it may go, to the extent that it does not say, "It is appearance about me".
Existence of "the flower of a field" which does not have a name under such circumstances, either was calm, and splendid.

Recently, it has not met a man like "the flower of a field".
Such a person will surely be in somewhere.
I want to remove the heart to which people's mind was also showy, and to become the heart like this "flower of a field".

I am very sorry.

I have bean born to man.
If man does not subsist the animal of the earth, a plant, and others as food in order to live, he cannot make a living. I am sorry to have claimed your life.

I am sorry truly although it is the friend born to the earth.
Especially as delicious the fish as the cow and pig etc.
Other animals, the plant, I am sorry.
If man does not subsist you, he cannot make a living.
I am very sorry. A life is obtained.

"Happiness of full soup"

When soup is drunk for the breakfast of one day, I uttered voice just, saying, "It is delicious!" ,and have said. A wonder and "happiness" were then felt.

When gazing at the soup, I felt that soup had said to me, "At least the time of drinking soup should forget all and accept it deliciously."

It work ordinarily, the body is moved, and it feels hungry, and only said, "It is delicious!,".

Happiness was able to be discovered in "full soup."

Thank you for Mr.Soup.

※When you drink you soup, please utter voice, saying, "It is delicious!" and drink. The life which was surely full may be able to be felt. Although it is the present age which has many complicated problems, when you drink soup, please forget all and think, "It is delicious!". Good solution may flash that it is unexpected out of this margin.

It understands.

It is man who is not understood as it understands.
As for me, he who has said, "It understands" may say such a thing "does not understand most".
"Understanding truly" is a serious thing.
The way of the humble heart that there is nothing grows from a part rather than man understands.

Suicide applicants.・・・・Responsibility of keeping living."

The human being who is now alive has the responsibility of fulfilling a life. Whose favor is really it that you are now alive? In order to make you, many ancestors are concerned by making parents into the start. The astronomical time from the Big Bang to the present when this universe was born was also required.

If such a thing is considered, can you waste a life simply? You have got the life of the ancestor who becomes an astronomical figure. Man wants to return kindness some day, when getting an important thing from people. The only method of the requital of a favor which got the life from many ancestors is fulfilling a life. By the time you were born, astronomical long time was also required.

You may say such a thing. "It has not asked that I want parents to bear." "Parents bore freely." "It is troubled even if it says patronizingly." However, how about thinking that it is not accidental that you have been born, if the time of the universe until the flow of the ancestor in this universe and you are born is considered synthetically? (1) You are not born if ancestors are those from whom one person is also different. You with the present DNA and the present face do not exist on this earth. How do you consider?

How about thinking that it was decided that you will be born in this universe? (※2) Then, who decided. It is not understood. The thing which is not understood was named "God."

Since it is such, if it has been born to this world at all, you have "the responsibility of keeping living" for requital of a favor. Is such a view nature as man? It is responsibility abandonment to being efficiently employed by God to commit suicide. However painful you may be, you have "the responsibility of keeping living." You have the obligation which was allowed to be born to many ancestors. Please live, also in order to reward this obligation, and it lives and keep living. Then, it must be troubled why now. The answer is because God wants to grow you. And it is because he wants to make it happy finally. Happiness cannot be felt if pain is not understood. Please understand this. God wants to teach the "view" which becomes happy about you.

I say again. You have the responsibility of keeping living. All animals other than the human being on this earth have fulfilled "the responsibility of keeping living." If man has abandoned "the responsibility of keeping living", how does it apologize before animals? If you commit suicide, the past ancestors including the parents who brought you up with rich love will never be glad. Only sadness will be given.

Cautions※NO1,NO2・・・・Although there are various views, it will be connected with plus thinking if it has such a view.
Existence of God is affirmed at this site. It is because it is connected which plus thinking by affirming God.

An example of the auto suggesting method which makes suicide stop.

 The "auto suggesting method" is in one of the methods of having a "belief" in our heart. Please perform self-reconstruction of the heart by this method as one method of preventing suicide. Please use this method, also in order to make a course change of your life in the good direction. Please apply a hint for the short sentence of the following blue character repeatedly. If voice is uttered and a hint is applied, also mentally and physically, it is supposed that it is good. Into one's room and a car etc, please write to paper and stick. And please sometimes apply auto suggestion

"I got the life from parents and many ancestors. Since it was given, I am responsible for fulfilling the life given in order to reward the obligation. If what kind of difficulty is awaiting from now on, it will be determined to keep living."

Now, the clear "useful purpose" which does "the responsibility of keeping living" was shown to you. Please be strongly aware of this.

Positive and affirmative language can charge your heart in the bright direction by applying auto suggestion. Your "positive and affirmative view" which serves as "a kind of a belief" by the auto suggesting method grows up into "a true belief." "A mental core" is required in order for man to make a living strongly. The person practicing asceticism is self-training, also in order to understand "a mental core, i.e., "a true belief." We who are the men in the street cannot do so far. However, it can do by the auto suggesting method.

Language has big power. Isn't "the language which becomes a belief" considered by plus thinking positive to this opportunity, and affirmative? I surely think that your life progresses in the good direction. Please perform by all means.

Please do not respond to a "view" lightly. A "view" determines your life. A "view" is the important element which also determines your character. Even if man calls it the living thing currently governed by the "view", he is not an overstatement.

※ The auto suggesting method is not absolute. It is introducing as one method.

Individual difference may produce an effect by character. Please understand.

I regard how a "view" is important for man so far as my having let you understand. There must have been a conflict which is beyond for your surely coming so far in imagination. Therefore, it can be imagined that your heart is tired of getting damaged. You have to carry out this somehow. Then, "MERCYCHAN" which comes out to the top page of this site appears in order to solve this problem. This character surely relieves your heart and thinks that it recovers your heart. Since an example of the method was described below, please make it reference.

An example of the method of recovering the heart.

Please print the character of "MERCYCHAN" of the top page of this site, and put on your room by a certain method. Please choose the favorite one, although there are two. Now, "the warm person" appeared in your room. Your heart will surely be relieved little by little. Please sometimes apply "thank you" and voice. "MERCYCHAN" will surely be returned with "thank you." And if it gets used to this "MERCYCHAN" little by little, please promise yourself the following thing.

No1-I   touch people with one day "love" today.
No2-I   will touch people in one day "smiling face" today.
No3-I   touch people with one day "heart of gratitude" today.
  The "love" currently expressed here should understand it as things, such as "tenderness", "consideration", and a "true heart." If these three points are begun at first from what is kept in mind, it can perform reasonable. Please do not strain yourselves, if it comes to feel this method as a burden.

Please promise yourself these three points every day, and live. If people are touched by this heart of three points, people will surely return feeling good also for you. You may use together with the method of front being auto suggested. It is sure that "warm feeling" will spring in the future surely near in your body. When this "warm feeling" has sprung in your body, you recover "your original heart." "MERCYCHAN" summarized three points, the "love" which you promised to yourself, a "smiling face", and "the heart of gratitude." When you face a difficult problem in future life, please imagine this "MERCYCHAN" strongly in the heart. I think that it surely becomes your power. I am pleased if you refer to these things.

Recovering man's "the heart which got damaged" unlike a corporal crack takes time. You have to know this. Your efforts and time solve this problem surely. Supposing you are treating by depression etc, please utilize, when bodily is in good condition. Please never carry out unreasonableness.

・・・・・・  To a top page.
     To English.

Giving the next will be recovering "confidence", supposing you
refer to the above・mentioned method and regain yourself.
We abolish confidence, when the thing of work, human relations, or others does not work. In such a case, how is confidence recoverable if it carries out? The most important thing for which confidence is given is what "he is won for" first. "Weak themselves" and "a strong them" exist in our heart. The first step which gives confidence is making oneself. Easy "example of the confidence recovering method" for the following was described. I am pleased if you make it reference.

An example of the easy confidence recovering method.

Then, how can "strong oneself" be made if it carries out? It is not necessary to carry out something special. However, it is finishing what he was promised. For example, please from the target "to read 10 page of books every day", and promise yourself. And please perform. Please be sure to record a result on a calendar etc. It is important not to carry out impossible goal setting at first. Decide a period by yourself freely. Our heart is filled with a "sense of accomplishment" when what it opted for by itself is attained certainly. It is that this is important. And the following target will be set up if one target is attained. What is necessary is just to set up little by little highly. While repeating such a thing, confidence is recovered gradually. The example of the easy goal setting for the following was described. Please make it reference. Please set up and perform the original target which you considered by yourself.

An example of easy goal setting.

No1.   I surely read 10 pages of books every day.
No2.   If I go home, I will walk 2km every day.
No3.   I meditate for 10 minutes every day, before going to sleep.

・ ・・etc

  Please do not strain yourself, supposing you become during medical treatment by depression etc. Please give as reference to the last. When bodily is in good condition, please leave automatically

・・・・・・  "Weak oneself and strong oneself"
     "Let's be thankful to an ancestor" "Life"
     "The stop message NO1 of suicide".

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?


A youth must not draw the conclusion which dies early so much.

A useful meaning is not understood. Its existence value is not known. There are no feelings of a life. It does not know "it lives." It is empty that it is alive. A youth must not commit suicide in such an idea.

I want to propose. Supposing there is nature for you to commit suicide, please do physical labor for one year thoroughly. Please sweat and you need to work until flesh becomes dead tired. A part for former may show that there was nothing. It may be in sight that it was not visible until now.
Now, please do the work given thoroughly. Please tackle with an awareness of the issues. Please value only now, without considering anything and concentrate on work. If it works hard, sweat may come out. Anyhow, please act first. If there is an improving point of work, please propose positively. For a while, please bolt a mouth and take action anyhow. Something may be known. What has not been noticed until now may be able to be discovered.

Please travel around the world with work. Something that was not obtained until now may be able to be mastered. A view of the world may change. A human view may also change. Real oneself may be able to be discovered. It is by no means late to draw a conclusion even from it.

I want to ask. Have you done something thoroughly with the purpose until now? If it is, please tell me. It became such conclusions as a result of doing thoroughly. If it is saying, I will feel that it understands for a few. Are only complaints vomited although nothing has been done thoroughly?

To the young man of suicide desire. Please do something thoroughly first. Because there is energy. Let's draw a conclusion from there.

It lives.
    The stop message No1 of suicide .

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

you must not die.

You may suffer a setback in life.
You may fail in life.
You may worry in large numbers in life.
You may lament a lot in life.

It is because you are man.
However, you must not die of such a reason.

You are the person who can understand the heart when people are in pain.
You are the person who can understand the heart when people are sad.
You are the person who can understand the heart when people worry.
You are the person who can understand the heart, when people make frustration and a mistake.

Such you have man's true tenderness.
Therefore, you must not die.
If you die, this world will become only a cold human being.

Please live long and become many people's adviser.
Please become the power of people currently troubled by various problems.
You have the qualification.
You with such qualification must not die by any means.

The stop message No1 of suicide .

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

When encountering adverse circumstances, it is "assuming a defiant attitude."

It is failure of taking an examination. A person does not understand by the interview of a written examination or mere a few. The Nobel Prize may be won in the future. When it becomes so, the school surely repents.

It is the restructuring of a company. It is the best opportunity which can start new life. It is more changeful and it is interesting life. The way which orders restructuring is the company same from now on. There is also no change of what and it is the life which is not interesting.

It is bankruptcy of a company. The problem is a problem of only the problem of money. A life is not necessarily claimed on the problem. It is only what should find a new place of work. It is the chance which can challenge a new thing.

It is depression. It is only the problem which merely used the head too much and has got fatigued. It is the best opportunity which can rest. It is treating exactly.

It is divorce. Moreover, it is only what should find a new partner. A bachelor existence is also good. If a new partner is found, life fresh again can be followed.

It is illness. Man becomes sick anyone. The Buddha said, "Man grows old, becomes sick and dies."
It is dying. "This death is fulfilling a life." If man is born, he has to die. It is a natural thing. If man does not die, this earth top will become full of man. Since man die, this world has been succeeded.

※ It is using violence for a while. When encountering adverse circumstances, Life is one way "assuming a defiant attitude" also protects itself and it prevents suicide. It is the meaning referred to as "Opening the heart and becoming straight." It is that this thing of "being straight" is important. As a result of trying hard, man is made to become and does not have kana. Thus, it is also important to assume a defiant attitude.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

What are useful foundations?

This answer is "eating" clearly. This "act to eat" of common every day has influenced man's heart. If a delicious thing is eaten, there are many people who think that it is fortunate. Supposing you consider suicide, it is what "a delicious thing is eaten for" to read this "STOP-THE-SUICIDE", and to perform at the end. If it can do, please eat the dish of recollections with your parents. Please say thinking that it was deceived if it was not made and eating your most favorite dish. And isn't it what may be reconsidered? Please finish eating and read "STOP-THE-SUICIDE" slowly once again.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?


It may be pronounced on a doctor that it is life-expectancy three months. Probably, a painful thing like this was inexperienced in your life. However, there is such an actual thing. Since man was born, he has to die. Whether or not a global human being will have a status and property, he arrives at the same destinations station.

There are some persons who wake up to a "faith" for the first time in response to such a sentence. This site does not touch religion. By what kind of "plus thinking" should this greatest arduous problem be overcome? This site wants to consider such a thing.

It having to think, when it becomes such a situation is "man surely dies equally." This is an absolutely eternal thing. If that is right, let's consider how this left-behind time should be used effectively. And isn't it that which is said even if it thinks of how it dies wonderfully and arranges?

Please recheck an old way of life. Didn't you consider only your things until now? Even the position in which you are now the hardest can become "for people." Can't you hear the talk of the sick person who is in pain like you? If you surely hear the talk, the man will speak about the life which he has followed. Thus, you are good only by hearing the talk of those in pain. Peacefulness may be born to you.

Moreover, can't people who are sick and are in pain be provided with "a greeting" and "a smiling face"? Dose its life set aside and can't people do such service? Then, it can be beneficial to people. In addition, if it thinks, there must be various things. Your heart is saved by performing such a thing. It is crushed by the pressure if only the sick thing is considered. It is also one method to assign the left-behind time to the another one. There are some persons who an actually short life is pronounced, do the following, and are living long. Man's body is wonderful. Please turn the left-behind life, although it is in the worst situation.

There are many those who make illness pain and commit suicide. However, please avoid only suicide. You live and dying wonderfully remains for a long time as like.

Property will be lost if it uses. However, it lives and appearance is not lost. Please leave what is not lost. There are words "all is well that ends well." It is wishing that your life also becomes as this language.

The stop message No1 of suicide .

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?


Failure. ・・・・If it challenges at all, it is an accessory.

The human being who challenged and failed in something is more interesting than the human being who does not fail at all. It is because many things are studied.

The human being who failed experiences the suffering of a bottom, understands the importance of money truly, and tries hard strenuously. "The wisdom to live" is born from such a posture, an idea is produced, and man can be studied.

To people who failed. Please do not lose failure. Failure is your decoration. Please think failure to be study. It is after a problem goes wrong. Failure teaches you many things. It must not be discouraged. Man will become somehow, if there is even a life. It is after your real value goes wrong.

Nobody understands the future. If now is endured and it is enduringly alive, there is surely a chance. Failure enlarges you as a reasonable creature. Therefore, please do not commit suicide just because you failed. I say any number of times. Nobody understands the future. There is many man's "useful ways." There is much man's "worth for making a living."

Law of better luck
The stop message No2 of suicide


Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

Value of living this moment.

About 15 billion year has passed from it since the universe was born according to the Big Bang. The thing before the Big Bang cuts is not solved yet. I think that there was surely a preparation period until the Big Bang occurs. Considering that, eternal time is needed. It means that eternal time had been required to bear us.

You should be breathing now. 60 trillion cells of your body are valid considering the nutrient as energy every day. It will be called this repetition every day that it is alive. Man's life is only 85 years from about 65. A long-life person can also live only about in100. The time of the life activity of man is this extent.

Supposing you commit suicide for the reason of now something, it will become impossible to eat a delicious thing. It becomes impossible moreover, to be impressed by a wonderful thing. It becomes impossible to meet those who love. Conversation also becomes impossible with people. All human activities stop. The opinion "it dies in order to suspend human activities" is likely to be heard. However, please think. What thing is the time when man is alive? The time when man is alive is almost close to zero, considering space time.

Thus, the time given to you is precious. However it may suffer troubles in life, can't you enjoy yourself? Isn't the way of thinking of "enjoying difficulties" produced? One day will be really precious time on the first.

Anyhow, even if you encounter various problems in life, please do not carry out suicide. Suicide is disadvantage. Please enjoy the moment that this precious you are given, and a moment. All occurrences are enjoyed. All difficulties and adverse circumstances are enjoyed. Let's make a living by such plus thinking.


Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

The message to a cancer cell.

To a cancer cell. Man is solving your mechanism. It is a question of time to conquer you.

You killed many human beings to the extent that it counts until now and does not go out. Man also becomes desperate with you and is fighting. Man has fought with many disease germs which have troubled man until now. And the disease germ has been conquered. It is not dreams a cancer cell or that it can conquer with arms called man's wisdom, either.

To a cancer called. Don't underestimate man. Man has the wisdom which you do not have. Man is doing various challenges for the purpose which conquers you. And man has strong will which fights with you. You must be determined. Probably, it will also be near that fighting with you finishes. It declares continuing fighting with you till then.

To people who are fighting with the illness of cancer or others now.・・・・・The figure which you are fighting will surely give many people courage and hope. If you are fighting brightly, it will surely have influence good for health. It is said that laughing it as man's bright heart heightens bodily immunity power. How to have the heart influences the body.

  To people who are sick as for neither now, cancer nor others.・・・・Many people have suspended a life in early detection early treatment. Cancer care is also progressing. Let's consult an examination for cancer positively.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

Before choosing death.

You think. It thinks, and are you the result of thinking long and hard?
Are you the result of having been troubled, being troubled and keeping being troubled?
Are you the result of having worried, worrying and keeping worrying?
Are you the result of having felt sad, feeling sad and keeping fighting?

Anyhow, yow may have anything or must not take out short mind. Don't g give up life. Please do not think saying "To die, since it is troublesome is easier." Anything can be learned from "death." If it dies now, you will lose heavily. Man learns many things from various problems. The chance for you to study the thing of now many to make a large profit is coming.

Please open your heart with courage. Please reveal a problem honestly. Please once take down downward the heavy burden which you are holding. And let's consult with those who can trust it. There is no unsolvable problem. There are also many good laws. A problem is in "the heart closed like your shellfish." Please shout in loud voice, "I am troubled by such a problem." It is not necessary to care about people's thing. It is not shame. Man makes a mistake, does frustration and also loses various temptations. And various problems are collided with. Anyone can bypass this. This is the proof in which you are alive. A problem is in the solution. I say again. Don't take out short mind and don't commit suicide. Don't give up life. There is many "useful ways."

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesen't it think over?


Why does only man have suffering?
Why does man have to be in pain like this?
Why is man designed so that pain may be felt?

An animal seems to be the saint who realized spiritual enlightenment. An animal does not have that nothing worries. If it worries, although a problem will not be solved, why does only man worry? Energy is only merely used.

However, the suffering grows up you as a reasonable creature. Suffering is the source which leads you to spiritual enlightenment. Please respond to suffering in this way.・・・・Was so?
Suffering is not lost. Please always persuade yourself of this language. You striong against the place which overcame suffering are born. Therefore, you with suffering must not commit suicide in such a thing. There is no meaning born to man. It will lose heavily, supposing it dies. It is, just before studying many things conversely now. Please read this site at this opportunity repeatedly, and change a thinking circuit into it.

※Faith has saver many people from suffering. It is also the one method of solving suffering to have the right faith.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

Please do not pass death sentence for yourself.

Do you know the death penalty of a criminal code? A death penalty is the punishment applied when the trial is conducted from all angels and it does not think other than capital punishment.

Did you do the bad thing of the like which is charge of death penalty? Probably it has not carried out. Suicide is making you into a death penalty for yourself, Since you are not an atrocious fiend, you do not become a death penalty. Death sentence is applied only to an atrocious fiend. Your judgment is "redoing,"

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

From pain to comfort.

If man has "the occurrence of minus", he will make that pain. When the worst, suicide is committed in that. The true character of pain is the burden phenomenon of the heart of the result of having considered "the occurrence of minus" to the one where the worse one is worse. This is considered that "minus thinking" is "plus thinking" like the gearshift of a car. If it succeeds in a change, your heart will become "comfort" from "pain." The difference of Heaven and hell produces "the occurrence of minus" depending on how to catch.

If "the occurrence of minus" occurs, please imagine "MERCYCHAN" of the top page of this site. Please draw "good conception" on the heart before shifting to the next thinking. This cusion is important. Please take out short mind and never commit suicide. "The occurrence of minus" is a change to change your character.

 "The law of better luck "

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

The first step of problem solving begins
from the gentle and humble heart.

Is your heart moving by your power? Is the scenery of entering from your eyes analyzed by the all color, by your power? Are you born by your power?

You are not alive by your power. "Water","air","light","a mountain","a natural river","the sea",etc. were not made from man's power. Man is very powerless automatically. Therefore, it recevies automatically and must appreciate. It is because you make a living, so it is required. When you are able to understand it, you get used to the gentle and humble heart. Man faces various difficult problems in long life, The first step of problem soliving at that time is becoming the gentle and humble heart. There is no necessity of taking out short mind and considering suicide.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

You are people's "food."

The human being who is not required in this world has not left it alone, A hospital is required if there is a sick person. A doctor is also required. And medical implements, a medical machine, fixtures, etc. are required thing does not have as, if it enumerates. There are also many companies related to those things. A hospital also needs the staff. The school which trains a doctor is also required. A construction firm is also required in order to build a hospital. A construction firm needs a construction material. The company which makes a construction material is also required. The company which produces the materials of a construction material is also required. And naturally the staff is required for each company. Thus, when a sick person is gone to hospital regularly and sent to hospital, it is many people's "food."

The convict who does a bad thing and is present in a prison is also many people's "food." Although these are mare examples, please overlook your surroundings at this opportunity. The human being who is not people's "food" in this world thinks that he notices not habing left it alone. You are many people's "food." Please do not think "I being who is not required for this world",or "I am not helpful at all." To people of suicide desire. Please do noto commit suicide by any means because man is each other with "food."

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

Please wake up.

It dies and suits, It dies and suits.・・・・・・
To you only such a thing is considered to be. Please wake up.

If it wakes up, please breathe deeply first. And please come outside and see surrounding scenery anew. Please remember the time of the child who was bright as for you. Please remember the time of the child who was playing happily. And please appreciate that it is now alive. Please consider with money the thing of the "life" which is the highest present got from the parents who cannot buy it. You are trying to bury this "life."

If there is power which considers "dying",please consider "living" conversely. It is not known what I had to you. A now important thing is keeping living. Even if he wants to live in this large world, many people who have to die of the incurable illness are needed. Please also surround such people with a thought.

Man understands nobody for a future thing. Your life is not only the bad time. The surely good time comes. Please do not coose "the way which will become easy if it dies" just because it is now painful, Because,man is not beneficial to himself, if an easy way is chosen. In order to make strong you, the heart needs to be trained. The heart is trained by conflict etc. There is a process "puts in baking" in when making a sickle and a Japanese sword. That to which man's heart also resembled this is required. Please think "for worrying now to only put baking into my heart." The strong heart is done by that. And if the right solution is chosen, light will surely come very. When alone unsolvable, it is consulting with those who can trust it. A way opens from there.

Please wake up. "The occurrence of minus" of lives, such as "a trouble","pain","adverse circumstances","failure",and "illness", is the whestone which polishes you. Moreover, they are the miracle drugs which strengthen your heart. Thus, please think. And when time please, the time when the "occurrence of minus" can be appreciated surely comes on.

Responsibility of keeping living.
The law of better lick.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

It is "the life which a smile dies and is arranged." Please lead such life.

You must not step. Even if you stop, this earth continues rotating. Time does not step. If it is right, let's will solve the problem which you have now and move forward toward a neww target.

The past is the past and is not spread. It cannot move forward, even if it considers many things. Let's see a front anyhow. Even if man does that a bad thing may be done, the destination station of life is the same. If that is right. Life will do a good thing and will live.

Man is dying and going from the moment of being born. Please do not choose suicide just because there was a painful thing in the middle of life specially. Let's use carefully the time given from God and lead life without regret. It is "the life which a smile dies and is arranged." Please lead such life.

※ Isn't "view of life and death" thought over at this opportunity?
That of "man surely dies" is a correct fact. If that is ritht. What kind of death is the highest death? Considering such a thing, nature and "a way of life" can be seen. What is something to do truly? Carrying out self-question answering oneself may also say such a thing to this opportunity. If you can lead life without regret, isn't it that of "a smile can die"? Whatdo you think? Man may lose his life by various accidents, the incident, a natural disaster, etc. in the middle of life. It is not known when this falls on its own body. Therefore, when isn't the "way of life" which may die considered at this opportunity? And isn't the target of new life considered in apprecation of being now alive? The hope which is useful from such a place will spring.

 "The thing which need a clear target for life why."

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?


Man's heart is overly precise and delicate, As for all art, literature, invention, etc, man is from the bottom of his heart. If it says exaggeratedly, man's heart will be the source which has created human begin's civilization.

Such a human begin's heart has the field weak against an opposite side emergency. I four heart meets with the occurrence of minus, such as shocking and various stress by a natural disaster etc, it has the character which breaks simply. Once the human being currently considered to be always courageous and strong also encounters the occurrence of minus, the human being to whom the heart breaks simply is also needed. Man's heart is so delicate.

Then, what can you do and can keep the delicate and delicate heart like cod roe? It is considered "it often eats","it often works",and the foundations to which man lives "sleep well." It is important to perform this faithfully. Next,it is not missing oneself, no matter whose may occur. It must be solid. You have to overcome things to puzzle, such as various temptation. And to storess, a skillful change of air is required.

Especially the present age is a very busy time. The work load concerning one person is also increasing. In such workplace environment, you have to protect your own body by yourself. Please distinguish work and a private life clearly. Work should not take about and please make. If work and a private life are not distinguished clearly, stress will spoil your heart gradually, This stress is accumulated and this tiredness serves as the greatest enemy of your heart. Please cancel stress well.

Restructurning is serious. The person who had the company discharged needs to change his mind. It does not start, even if it considers having been discharged. Please think that the best change which can challenge a new thing was given. Man thinks that surely new life will open if it thinks by plus thinking. If it thinks by minus thinking on the contrary, stress will spoil your heart. The illness of the heart called present age disease likes minus thinking. Also in order not to be risked by such illness, let's enjoy life by plus thinking.

Man's heart is made overly precisely. Man's heart is very sensitive and delicate. You yourself can keep such the heart. Let's consider the defense measure of keeping the heart, from every day.

Redo is impossible if it dies !!
Doesn't it think over?

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