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As for all, your heart determines life.
If it is not others, either, they are not also other things and whom.
What do you consider, what consider and what does a human being called you do? You heart determines all. Please blow and fasten this, carrying out self-question answering yourself of that.

Those who are sad that it does not work whatever it way do its life does not improve need to check your heart once again.
Your idea, your thought, and your way are wrong by somewhere.
Other persons, other things, and whom other are not bad.
Your way is amusing at somewhere.
Please think over the point and redo it.
It is not worried, even if something is and it fails, if you do not forget this even if it fails. The time of succeeding surely comes.
Improving fortune is redoing check of your heart firmly.
It not only takes out a private car to check, but check of your heart should do it firmly.

And when what should be done for all is done, the feeling of leaving it to great God which man's power does not attain to is important for the rest.

※By gazing at one's heart repeatedly, all your experiences that went wrong will serve as the ground of your life, and manure, and will raise your life greatly.

The heart is influenced by the view.
Although a view is not the same as the heart, a view determines a portion with the important heart.
Even a view comes out and people also change their feeling.
When reading the avobe-mentioned text, the portion of the heart may be replaced with a view and may be read.

[The turning-for-the-butter which can be simply in everyday life.]

・Sometimes appreciate the sun.
・It says to a wife or a husband always as casually as thank you.
・A hand is applied to your heart and thank you is said every day.
・A hand is applied to your heart, it always works hard, and I am sorry is said.
・What is given now is appreciated.
(A child, a house, health, and work, etc.)
・When going to a customer, he buys tea biscuits occasionally.
・The place where those who are in your surroundings are good is found, and it praises with sufficient timing.
・A hand is applied to the car on which you are every day, it always carries to safety, and thank you is said.
・The easy letter of thanks for the visitor who bought goods is sent.
・A husband helps the house keeping which the wife is always doing.
・If you are a student, the thing of study will be positively asked to a teacher.
・Preparation and review which are never done are continued.


Please search focusing on appreciating usually the natural thing about which it does not care.

To those who think it is attacked by an enterprise failure and other misfortunes and is a bottom now.


Even if you make what kind of big mistake, and though you are a bottom now because of various misfortunes, as long as there is a life, despair does not exist. Despair is only the wall of the heart which man has made freely. Man cannot move forward with the wall of this heart made freely. Please grind such a thing by your view. A bottom is not falling less than.
The rest is only gone up. As long as man is living, the chance of a new possibility has spread. An idea is produced when or nobody understands. You also have the possibility of enough.
There are many persons who were successful from nothing.
This is telling that. The thing which can challenge a new possibility of being happy exists there. Please do not think that it is unhappy. Happiness exists also in such a place perfectly.
By your view, any crises can be overcome altogether.

It does not start, even if it makes failure and a misfortune into pain. Life has a fortune in the unhappy point and the back side of failure has a success. It is not only known. If it has stopped here, there is neither a fortune nor a success.
Happiness is like air. Now, it may not be believed even if it describes such a thing suddenly. However, I think that I will hav you be convinced if it reads. Air exists on the earth at any place. However, since this is natural, importance of air is not felt.
Furthermore, gratitude to air is not. Man will die immediately, if it is short of oxygen. If there is nothing to our surroundings immediately, are there some dying? Even if man has neither food nor water, he can live for what ten days. It does not immediately die. If it is truly troubled even if there is no money, there is also a method of welfare. It does not necessarily die. The thing most important for man is air. Man is not strongly conscious of the existence, though it is such an important thing. Man does not eve appreciate air every day. It is because there is the cause too much close and it is natural.
Happiness exists equally altogether in all mankind's heart.
Since it is too much close, it does not only feel.
For example, it is that breathing ordinarily is even happy.
It is serious if breathing becomes impossible with muscular illness.
An eye looks common. A meal is eaten with good appetite every day. Sleep can be taken well every day. Both hands and both legs move carefree. It can talk ordinarity. etc.・・・
It is that these natural things are wonderful in fact.
It is the thing really painful if it becomes out of which urine does not come. An eye cannot be seen. There is no serious such thing like this. It is the greatest happiness that any obstacle cannot be found and the body functions ordinarily.
Even if a however big failure and a misfortune attack you, the body is healthy, and there is no obstacle, and let's appreciate this happiness that exists. Even if with obstacles, let's appreciate the portion of the body which is working normally. Please depart from there first.
Please notice a certain happiness like air immediately close.
If it searches still more, it is a lot. And please feel great joy for that. Please carry out redividing life from there.

Happiness is your view and is built in your heart.
When however painful, even the time should build happiness rather than should build the wall of the heart of despair.
Please feel the small thing currently regarded as natural until now as great joy. And if that is able to be appreciated, it will mean that you had opened the happy door.

No matter man may be in what state, he is the wonderful life object which can make happiness in the heart by a view. You think that it has seen often telecasting the life of the native of the hinterland in Africa. They are all bright.
They are singing and dancing the song. They are happy.
Even if he is living a life far from civilization, happiness exists in their heart. How is Japan which has called the civilized country?
The incidents which are not considered are occuring frequently.
Materially, it is the inconvenient life which is not.
However, the power which makes happiness in the heart is inferior to them.

In civilized society, I think that there are many people who feel happiness and a misfortune by comparison with people.
I have a feeling that it is not true happiness. The happiness resembles the house which stands on sand. It breaks in an instant by change of a time and society. Japan experienced collapse of bubble business. There were many people from whom the property of a stock certificate etc is wastepaper in one night.

True happiness exists in the steadfast sense of values built in your heart. It is the firm thing which does not break however a time and society may change. Now, the chance to discover the sense of values is coming.

Even a bottom should never carry out suicide.
Please challenge, as long as it is living. It is sure that what discovers a surely steadfast sense of values and serves as a true foundation of your life can be found.

Any one can reclaim fate by himself.

Aren't there those who are sad that my life is not such a thing? Man can also reclaim his fate so that a land may be changed into a wonderful field.
Since it fate, many those who think that it is unavoidable think that they are. Your view determines man's fate.
And it is chosen by the view. Conversely, if it thinks, man will be getting used to a human being as he thought.
The work which you do now is the result of your thinking.
Most responsibility for your fate is in yourself.
I think that there are various dreams in if you want to do such work in if you to wants to become such human being.
However, such confidence cannot be found. It is not such environment. I think that variously unrealizable it is reasonable. However, those who think that he wants to realize a dream truly can realize a dream. A way will be opened if it thinks earnest. Although there are many difficulties, a decisive target and a concrete plan are required for them.
It may fail at first. However, failure is not feared.
Failure is a precious article in order to succeed.
The essence of a success is hidden into failure.
In order to succeed, it is most important to make it neither all excuses nor people's cause. All responsibility is in you.
It must be ready for that. Fate can be reclaimed if this preparedness can be performed. When man makes a decisive decision, nobody is in what prevents a way.
A way is not opened in a random feeling.
The person who was acting as the ordinary office worker becomes an adventurer, a politician, and a businessman.
This is also the example which has reclaimed fate.
Although said repeatedly, man can reclaim fate by a view.
Is it earnest in the past and are some problems tackled?
There is life only once. And the time which can be useful was decided. Please do that it seems to have become earnest at that time and to have tackled such a problem when it was old and looked back upon the past.
The life which was surely full opens.
※ Cautions------It is not only a dream to change occupation.
Tackling something with an awareness of the issues now in the company which is working, or making problem institution and a concrete proposal is also the method of reclaiming fate.

How to become the human being who has compassion gently=Revival and the improving method of human 21st century type power. ・・・・・
What kind of thing is really maintaining the heart and reforming the heart?
             (How to become new oneself.)

“Revival and its improvement method of human 21st century type power.”

“How to become the human being who has compassion gently.”

“Life is led to a victory and success.”

Finally let’s have a human new view.

The improvement in revival of human power is changed into an altruistic human being from a selfish human being.

It is cleaning the heart clearly and making the heart empty. It is your thing for which idle thoughts and delusion are swept away from the bottom of their heart. The method was described below.

No1. First, you buy MERCYCHAN of “reforming the heart!!” included in a frame, and decorate your room.
No2. And when it rises every morning the language of gratitude in the tree, the air, the sun, and the universe in which you are made to exist toward the big is recited.

It is good only at this which left. Notes are the tones of the voice when reciting. The tone of voice is so or la(?) of do, re mi, fa, so, la, ti, do(?). It is important to utter voice. A low tone does not have sprit. You have a already lost yourself at this. It is above.

I say again. It is good only at this which left. It is necessary to do no back. It does not pass over the thing in which above-mentioned you are made to exist in part. The thing of others in which you are made to exist is sufficient. It having to be careful is being unable to advocate language of gratitude with the heart of profit and loss or profits to the thing. It is good at gratitude only. It is important not to put in other human beings’ idle thoughts and delusion. Then, the heart of egocentricity is corrected gradually. The human being who has what kind of sense of values by “the one global humanity of the new concept of MERCYCHAN” can also accept now. I hear that this becomes a great soul. And pure conscience also wakes up gradually. However, also even by killing man for self-actualization, the sense of values which is going to realize it is removed.

Maintaining the heart and reforming the heart can be attained by appreciating by the pure heart to the thing in which oneself is made to exist. This is not a religious ceremony. It is the method of making man’s heart obediently and straight. It is effective, if it performs when it rises every morning. It can fight by an orthodox approach by this method on the 1st today. This method has an effect also in the direction which wants to become the human being who has compassion gently.

If the language of gratitude of “thank you” is taken out to voice and is merely recited, why do you correct the heart of egocentricity?
The answer was listed below.

No1. Now, it is healthy and is because it becomes the soul which does not regard as “natural” that it is alive.

No2. Now, it is healthy and it is not “natural” that it is alive. Since all the universes are preparing, it can only be valid. It cannot be alive if change occurs in the speed of the heavenly body of the universe. Since the heavenly body is moving regularly, it can live. It is serious if the speed of a heavenly body etc. is out of order. Moreover, having been born as man is not natural. According to the law of the universe, slight deviation does not have all things, either, they are connected till the present 13,700 million years after the big van of apace birth, and you exist in this earth now.

Having been born to man is not natural. You were born about 13,700 million years after the Big Bang of space birth. It is a miracle that you exist here now. It is not natural that you exist here now.

The world of eternal nothing is the natural world.
(One view of the starting point which is carefully useful in every day.)

【One method of driving out the adverse element of the hearts, such as a feeling of a solitary feeling and impatience, futility, an uneasy feeling, and alienation, out of your heart.】・・・(One method of tearing the husks of the heart.)

Let’s notice that it is not natural that make the gratitude soul of the flower of the heart bloom by the GFIT method, and it is alive on this earth now. If it does so, you notice being employed efficiently now and can appreciate that it is now alive. If it does so, for you, global humanity common to human beings is in sight. Finally you notice daily importance. And valid feeling of fullness can be realized now. If it becomes so, you can become gentle to the others.
Gratitude is putting the heart. If the heart is put, all will begin to shine.→Life becomes pleasant. It is because human relations improve. Gratitude is man’s starting point.

※ There is individual difference in noticing.
It may have to change to life. It is now. Let’s free ourselves from egocentricity.


                 Reference.・・・・(One view.)

◎Establishment in which the Big Bang of universe occurred.・・・
  1/100trillions.・・・・Plus-or-minus zero called balance of the electric energy of plus and the electric energy of minus collapsed and exploded by a certain cause.
Establishment in which the earth was born.・・・
It is generally the same as the probability which throws in a pool with a 25m flow the parts of the clock made scattering, and assembles the clock only by the flow of the pool.
Establishment of human-beings birth.・・・・
It is generally the same as the establishment which puts in the parts of a clock scattering into a box, shakes the box, and a clock completes.
◎ Establishment in which the universe which cherishes a life is born.・・・
  It is the 1,230th power of minus of 10.
All people in the world which exists now were born to this earth in the miraculous establishment which is not considered with man’s brains. Therefore, all people are expensive and valuable. You also enter into this. Therefore, from today, let’s live and go by such a feeling.
  Never don’t carry out by living in the feeling of such minus. Arriving at the end may call it destruction. Minus is convertible into plus by the GFIT method. Then, destruction is avoidable.

When it is chosen that man appreciates, and lives and goes, your life changes to the lively life. And freshness is given every day. It serves as the first step which converts life into affirmative rule from negative rule.Finally life notices every day that it must live carefully and must go.

No3. If you notice such a thing, it becomes less natural to have thought that it was natural in everyday life. A natural face becomes impossible. The head falls gradually. If it does so, change will take place to the heart of nature and egocentricity.
The criminal who makes man haughty is “a natural face.” Therefore, if this criminal is subjugated, man can change. A “gratitude soul” can subjugate this criminal. And “MERCYCHAN of the new concept” embodied it.




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