The meaning, the concept, and others of MERCYCHAN.
(No2 of the special all the love character theory.)
Aid poetry to your life.

MERCYCHAN is a character expressing the identity of the Character of the good of an inside common to human beings.

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A concept and others.

MERCYCHAN is the aids character of your life

The revolution of human beings’ soul.

No1. The wall of the heart which is not visible to the eye between human beings.

No2. Then, whenever it carries out, can human beings be prevented from how forgetting such wonderful humanity ?

No3. A fricative dissolution, revival of human power, and improvement.

No4. The new style for living positively.

No5. One faint hope to human beings' future.


◎ It is nickname of the character of the meaning said "thank you".
The chemical reaction of the heart and a smiling face was taken as MERCYCHAN.
It is nickname of the character which named from "MERCY" of the meaning of French thank you.

MERCYCHAN expresses the wonderful humanity which human beings have in common.

Global humanity was named the diamond soul.

Diamond soul = Life uptrend soul

Eight element of the new concept

(The husks of your heart are beaten by only that he is conscious of each following element. ※ It is important that he is conscious of a good soul common to human beings.) ※However, there is individual difference in noticing.

Let’s create the universe in the heart by the Big Bang of the heart. (There is no obstacle.)→To acquisition of love for humanity.

“The Big Bang of the heart” is that the heart it became impossible to be able to finish bearing by intense fighting of “the good and wrong” causes loud explosion. And by it, the “good” wins and “wrong” is extinguished. What blocks the “good” by it is lost and man’s heart becomes the universe “a great soul.” Eight lower elements are the representation ranks of “the good which won.” “Wrong” does not get used to the universe “a great soul.” Therefore, it cannot prosper. Now, shall your heart be governed by which between “the good or wrong”?

Global humanity common to human beings.

The soul of tenderness and consideration.
World peacemaking soul.

Diamond soul.
Life uptrend soul
Gratitude soul.
Light of hope

※ MERCYCHAN was devised as one symbol of the “good.”


The soul which creates dream and hope of human beings.


The primary importance point of a human community.


The sun of human beings’ heart.


The dream to human beings’ peace.


The spiritual equation with which human beings may get used to one over the wall of various differences.


Finally let’s have a human new view.


Human beings can find out the answer which gets used to one just in the good soul which human beings have in common. The method of stirring up the good soul which is sleeping in the depth of such human beings’ soul is the GFIT method. Human beings hide a possibility of getting used to one, by creating the time of the sense of values of the object from subjectivity. Human beings became the time of having already left the ground called subjectivity and seeing the earth called human beings from the universe called the object.
The earth is seen from the universe=The fresh ground of the new concept.
The new concept=A great soul=A soul without suffering=The soul which realized spiritual enlightenment.=Human beings’ dream.



MERCYCHAN is the image character of “the new concept”

The law of the universe(No2).

[This is the new concept which sends to the world from Japan. This is the wonderful

thing which human beings have in common exceeding all races and all religion. ]

A concept and others
No1. The wall of the heart which is not visible to the eye between human beings.


(Human beings are to the object from subjectivity.)

To eyes of a sense of values which made the mistake in being various, such as religion, a race, and thought, human beings enter into the wall of the heart not appearing, and are alive.
Feeling, such as discrimination, and prejudice, bullying, may be born to the thing different from itself by that. It escalation may deteriorate it to hate or the feeling of a grudge. And human beings have the instinctive character in which the influence of the same sense of values as itself will be expanded. They may escalate to violence to the regrettable thing. And it may lead to the result which it develops into the worst violence, such as terrorism and war, and loses many its valuable lives. Then, if the heart is turned to what in such a human boundary, can the common mental consciousness "we are the same human beings" be felt? Although
It is a difficult problem, one visible thing is a time of having noticed the wonderful humanity which human beings boil by nature and have in common, and turning the heart to that. To an eye, I think then that it becomes the cause for the wall of the heart not appearing to disappear gradually. Then, can't human beings make a living, accepting each different sense of values?


The heart is taken by only the thing sometimes different from itself, and man persists in it. Don't suppose at all that the heart will be turned at the wonderful humanity which it has in common globally. That is one reason which world peace cannot realize easily. Then, what is the wonderful humanity which human beings have in common? They are "love", a "smiling face", and "the heart of gratitude(=The diamond soul.)". If man is the same friend, he can love. If man is the same friend, he can show a smiling face. If man is the same friend, he can appreciate. However, such wonderful humanity may hide in the depth of the heart to the human being of the different sense of values. But it is a fact that any human beings have such wonderful humanity wholly.


However, a part of influence has caused the argument by violence conversely to the regrettable thing, without turning the heart to those things at all on this earth now. The reason is about the sense of values different from itself, and that the heart is taken. And it is because it does not carry out even if it persists in it and sees other merits. These things are that an individual may also happen.


Everyone from the child in the world to an adult has noticed simply the wonderful humanity which considers whether I can do such a thing somehow and human beings have in common, and it expressed so that it might seem to be able to feel mental common consciousness to an eye. It is MERCYCHAN. To the eye between human beings, it expressed as human power of overthrowing the wall of the heart not appearing. Human beings have such wonderful humanity in common. Apparently, although it is a simple character, it has such a concept.

※ The root of the soul common to human beings of a diamond soul is connected with all the people of human beings with “the thread of affection” which is not visible. Therefore, human beings are the living things which grow on good terms in fact exceeding all the differences. Reference…God never forsakes you.

Very much difficult one of unraveling the feeling of the human being who became stubborn is actual. However, man's heart gets loose by "love", a "smiling face", and "the heart of gratitude", and the last will surely progress to reconciliation. It takes time. Doesn't any violence of argument only finish with the result which induces the chain of hate? And the human being of the future may make that the righteousness of violence execution again.

Now,neither war,nor terrorism and dispute cease in the world. Every argument is not lost although many things should be learned from human beings' history. Why does man have to fight for the difference in religion or a cult,confrontation between races, and and confrontation of thought? If it is the same human being, there must also always be many common features. Can't eachother do problem solving in search of such a common feature? There is also reality in which the religion which should exist for man's happiness makes man the misfortune increasingly. There is not such any thing. Although it is a human being whith that from which many are different in such reality, are the above-mentioned new concepts few common features? And it is wishing that few of the common feature serves as faint "light of hope" of human beings' problem solving.

The power of 0verthrowing the wall of the heart not appearing
to the eye between human beings hides in MERCYCHAN.

The chain of hate may be an entrance to human beings’ extinction.

No1. The chain of hate

No2. The grudge is accumulated in heart

No3. The heart that the revenge will be carried out some day is
↓   born.
No4. A man of power may use the desire for revenge politically
↓   over posterity.
No5. The just reason for ruining a partner may be brewed.

No6. Nuclear weapons may be used as the last means to ruin.

No7. As a result, the chain of nuclear weapon use may happen.

No8. To human beings may perish.

The chain of hate may be an entrance to human beings’

extinction. However, since human beings’ heart can change seven times, it may be able to cut off the chain of hate by a certain method. That human beings believe in God is the proof in which human beings love God. There is greatly a possibility that the human beings who can love God will change to the way with the sufficient heart. Faint help can be found out there.

No2. Then, whenever it carries out, can human beings be prevented from how forgetting such wonderful humanity?

One of the answer of that is imagining this MERCYCHAN intentionally every day. It can live brightly positively by doing so. A bright image can gain many good things. It named it "Good Feeling Image Training method" to imagine MERCYCHAN. The initial was taken and it was also named "G,F,I,T method". This method is the method of inputting MERCYCHAN to the mirror cell within a brain. MERCYCHAN is yeast of the heart. If the yeast goes into your heart, will pull out your wonderful humanity in which it is sleeping in the depth of the heart, it will remember, or the heart which is stubborn will be loosened. Moreover, the wonderful humanity which lurks in your subconscious is also the same. These change resembles the fermentation action of food. Therefore,
MERCYCHAN was expressed as the yeast of the heart.
Man cannot imagine two or more things simultaneously. "G,F,I,T method" used it. Its heart is positively convertible in the bright good direction by imagining the wonderful humanity which man originally has.Finally “a human new view” is brewed.

What is the good feeling image training method ?

The secret of a life uptrend.

To the young men in the dear world.

The reform of human beings' soul.

The GFIT method using MERCYCHAN is the easiest and is how to become happiness early most. =
?How to print MERCYCHAN on the brain of the head.

The GFIT method is the one method of evoking a consciousness revolution.

The new concept. = If a viewpoint changes, a soul will change.

Please be sure to check here.

Prior action for not causing a gun shooting incident. You will not be ruined if this action is performed. Suicide also enters into this ruin.

Let's love people rather than hating people. It is because happiness visits in "love."

New "method of reforming spiritual" using a new character. This method reforms your soul fundamentally.

The question which of ten exists.(An understanding deeps.)

【The GFIT method=The “new inside improving method” which extends a possibility that the mental wall which human beings have using MERCYCHAN of the new concept is overthrown, and human beings can become positively affirmative.】

【How to unify the divided national heart. It is the GFIT method.】
God never forsakes you.

◎ The spiritual changes had an answer in “the simple clear method.” It is the “GFIT method.” By this method, life makes the heart light and can enjoy it 100 times. Let’ blow away minus of life by this method. This method draws your life in the good direction rather than reading many books. Or your fate is improved.

The dead human being cannot be born again. However, a living human being can be again born, when even what kind of human being changes a view.If you are asking for happiness in life, let’s attain by the GFIT method. It is because happiness is brewed in a soul.

A bad man and people of a bottom can be again born, if it wakes up to "character of man's good." The essential answer which can be born again is "waking up to the character of man's good." It is because a soul will become bright if man wakes up to the character of the good. (= The revival improving method of the 21st century type human being power.)

The cause which is despairing.

The fresh ground at which the following item arrives is “a fresh ground of pain”.

・ Failure. ・ Frustration. ・ Unrequited love.
・ Bankruptcy. ・ Bullying. ・ Pessimism.  ・A sense of loss.
・ Reproof from parents, a teacher, a boss, etc.
・ The catastrophe of human relations. ・ Trouble.
・ A feeling of a blockade to society. ・ Uneasy. ・Impatience.
The minus worldly desires which govern man’s heart in a small occurrence.(In the worst case, it develops into a murder case etc.)

Your soul is dark by above "The cause which is despairing." now. However, you recognize "the character of man's good" by "thinking conversion" of the GFIT method. ???Then, your soul becomes bright. It is hope that it is bright. ??And you set up the target of "training of spiritual betterment and soul." ? ??If it does so, you will acquire the energy of plus and will be born again.

※ What is "training of soul"?
A china and a casting are elaborated and manufactured. It is elaborating character as well as it. It means raising man's genius and capability into an ideal figure. That is, it means developing the capability intellectual, moral, esthetic, and technical which man has, and bringing up a better human being. It differs from general "concept of education."

【Conclusion.】・・・・"Conversion of thinking" of the GFIT method changes " The cause which is despairing." to the treasure to which lead man fortunately. Therefore, the occurrence of all the minus in life is a whetstone which polishes your soul. And the premise of those ways begins from recognizing the character of man's good. It is because you become matchless by recognizing it.

The reform of a soul.To the life of an inversion.

Let's print MERCYCHAN anyhow into your head.

Let's reverse adverse circumstances.

Spiritual "speed-per-second lighting".

"Love" is not produced, if human beings' soul is warmed and a light is not turned on. The "speed-per-second igniter" is attached to the cold "kerosene fan heater." I can light a kerosene fan heater early by that. I can warm the soul to which human beings have got cold as well as it, and can make it bright. That is, I can induce "love." It uses the character "for spiritual speed-per-second lighting." The name of the character is "MERCYCHAN."

The power is so large also with some lights that human beings' soul is dark. Even if the power is cold, it is large at a little warmth. All the human beings have those "lights" and "warmth."

Let's print those "lights" and the "warmth" that all the human beings have on the "mirror cell" in man's "brain", and start the reform of human beings' soul. The method is the GFIT method of "spiritual speed-per-second lighting." The character which makes it possible is "MERCYCHAN."

※ By printing MERCYCHAN on the mirror cell within a brain by the GFIT method, the brightness which MERCYCHAN has, and positive character have influence good for the bodily nervous system. The nervous system likes "brightness" and "positive character."

The GFIT method is conversion to the fresh ground of “comfort” of “pain” from a fresh ground.

(Life is from good feeling first.)


Minus energy of life.
    Man is the living
thing of "thank you"

The chemical reaction of plus within a brain is promoted using the catalyst of MERCYCHAN with the large conversion vessel of the soul of the GFIT method.
↓ Let’s change the word of the heart.
It large-changes into the plus energy of life.

Finally a human new view is brewed.

Please refer to “the question which often exists.”

Man's real value is decided by the soul of the future instead of the past soul.

"The origin of suffering of man" and "The escaping method"

Man is not surely succeeding if it tries hard. It is based on the “fate” which cannot be conquered by efforts of man. However, it is the one method of drawing the “fate” near to make the best effort in quest of a good result. Therefore, let’s carry out self-question answering ourselves of “whether he is making the best effort now” every day.

One of the best efforts to change a soul is the “GFIT method.” We have extracted the hand usually. And usually the best effort is not made.

The soul of the source of a victory of life was set to
‘’MERCYCHAN of a diamond soul’’
so that the source of a substance might be an element.

The GFIT method is the law of a victory of life.

Diamond soul = Life uptrend soul

Gratitude is love

This method is a method of a saving the completely new soul by “prayer.” This method is remedy of the soul which arrived after the suffering for ten years and a hard struggle of a writer.

The good feeling image training method is the image training which carries out “the bright heart and the dark heart being unable to live together” of man’s brain, and pulls out “the heart which is positively useful brightly” using the principle “two or more things cannot be considered simultaneously.” The method uses the character “MERCYCHAN.”

This method stirs up the soul of the diamond which all human beings originally have. The soul of a diamond is the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude. The soul is a soul of the deity in the inner part of man’s heart, or Buddhahood. The soul was expressed in the character MERCYCHAN. ?MERCYCHAN was named the “Diamond soul.” This diamond soul is a wonderful soul which human beings have in common. The “Diamond soul” stirred up by the good feeling image training method can drive out “the enemy of the heart which becomes among them” Attachment can be thrown away by it. One spiritual enlightenment can be obtained.

Reason difficult for saving a soul is unnecessary. It is simply made by the “GFIT method” using MERCYCHAN of the character which embodied the global humanity which human beings have in common. Global humanity was named the diamond soul. Imagining MERCYCHAN is imagining global humanity. Many problems which are frictions of man’s heart, such as various troubles and human relations, “it is avoidable by imagining MERCYCHAN” to the heart. Although it is the present age when various mental stress increases, this stress can be overcome by the diamond soul of global humanity.

No problems of human beings are overstatements although it has generated from the spiritual problem. Since a low dimension is barbarous at first, the history of human beings’ soul has been left. Therefore, many war occurred. However, human beings reflect on that and are changing to the high dimension historical gradually. However, the problem of argument remains still more. Human beings are “the danger past and God forgotten.” I think that human beings can reach the highest dimension, when human beings wake up to the diamond soul common to human beings which does not have bondage across the boundaries of all religion, all races, and all thought and are mentally aware of that. Then, I think that the wonderful world where all obstacles are lost and there is no collision is in sight.

If “MERCYCHAN” which embodied global humanity is imagined
even if not based on special moral discipline by the “GFIT method”, one spiritual enlightenment can be obtained. There was help of a soul close with it being unexpected.

The character which saves the soul of people with many troubles is MERCYCHAN.
MERCYCHAN is the character expressed as one means for realizing world peace.

“Setting the ruler of your brain to MERCYCHAN”----------------------
This induces “feeling with love.” And that makes life bright.
And it erases “illusion of the heart.” That creates bright positive life as a result.

Making MERCYCHAN into a cerebral ruler is making your heart
“pleasant.” Making it “pleasant” becomes the driving force which induces optimism thinking to you and a “dream”, “hope”, a “target”, and the “purpose.”

※If a cerebral ruler is made into the others, mind control of you may be done by the others.
This is possibility to the last.  If a cerebral ruler is not the soul of the deity which is the heart without your own cloudy weather of one point, or Buddhahood, he will not become.

When you encounter the occurrence of various minus in life and its life does not improve, in order for God to make the “Diamond soul” in your heart notice, please think that the occurrence was plotted. Since God wants you to hold true happiness, please consider that it was making the rehearsal of life do until now. Please think that the life of acting before the audience has room for improvement. Then, you can be born again. If you are 70 years old and it will be 80 years old, age is not related to being born again. The diamond soul has the power which can be overcome even if you encounter the occurrence of minus of lives, such as what kind of difficulty, adverse circumstances, etc. And world peace is not a dream, either, if this diamond soul enters into the heart of people in the world.

Can human beings lose the army in all the worlds with future? Is this human beings’ eternal empty dream? This may be human beings’ eternal theme. However, human beings have a possibility of realizing that, in the human beings’ themselves soul.

MERCYCHAN was produced from the question of No9 from the following No1.

No1. Can man regain tenderness and warmth, if what is really imagined?? Warmth is the warmth like the temperature of man's skin.

No2. If what is really imagined, can man pull out the heart of a "trouble rate", "consideration", and "tenderness", can remember it, or can make it?

No3. Can man feel a happy feeling, while gap society will spread in this complicated busyness, if what is really imagined?

No4. Can man make a living with hope brightly, without missing oneself, when really imagining what and difficult problems, such as hardness, sadness, pain, and a trouble, are faced?? What is the light of a hope mental for man?

No5. Can man expect the deterrent-effect, when really imagining what, considering a bad thing and trying to commit a crime?? The heart of egocentricity is left.

No6. Although man always says, "It is the sun to the heart" , does the sun turn into the sun for man concretely, if what is really imagined?

No7. What should man really ask the time which the sense of values diversified for the fundamental foundation of the heart?

No8. Can man wipe away idle thoughts and delusion, if what is really imagined? When idle thoughts and delusion are assumed to be the fog of the heart, the sun can erase fog. Delusion here is not delusion of plus of an idea.

No9. Can man feel the common mental consciousness "we are the same human beings" exceeding all race and all religion, if what is really imagined?

(Aid poetry to your life.)
Only one sparks smash the wall of life and also illuminate the darkness of life.

Don’t lose difficult!! Don’t be overcome by adverse circumstances!! ?Don’t be overcome by weak your heart!!
You have not been born in order to lose. You have been born in order to win. Since it becomes a misfortune, you have not been born. Since it becomes fortunate, you have been born. Even if there are hardships and a painful thing in your life, please never deny yourself. Please affirm on the contrary.

It will think now that it has lost or those who think that it is unhappy will think ‘’life is all is well that ends well.’’
Please consider life in the long run.

The prolonged war abbreviation for winning is required for life. The prolonged war abbreviation for becoming happy is required for life. If it has not won or you think now that it is unhappy, please consider prolonged war abbreviation and change the current situation. Please change direction of life in such a direction. The hero of life is you. Life is changed by a view.

If you are the victor of life and think the happy person, please think that it is not known what will happen to life tomorrow. Therefore, let’s tighten the heart every day and live. Life is carelessness is our greatest enemy. Therefore, let’s make daily aim into a firm things. Let’s assume the outside of assumption.

After all, life may win and it may lose in it. It is the repetition. It is not known when a “wall” and “darkness” appear at hand under such circumstances. Therefore, a winner and a loser will perform the following thing every day, and will make a living. Then, you do not miss yourself in case of emergency.

Please fire the “diamond soul” of the treasure which is sleeping in the depth of your heart with only one sparks the “GFIT method.” Then you can smash all the firm walls that stand with their legs wide apart before you in life. However it may use a “diamond soul”, it is not worn out. Conversely, the more it uses, the more the “diamond soul” is sharpened well.

And you become matchless. It is because the keen soul of yours gets to know all enemies with a genuine article and they yield you a way. If it becomes so, your thing which illusion disappears and troubles you from the bottom of its heart will be lost. And your heart serves as fine weather and can push on the life which you visualize. This is a way to a victory.

If the darkness of life is encountered, it can illuminate brightly with a true light of the flame of the soul. Then, it does not stumble over an obstacle. You can emit a true light yourself by only one sparks the “GFIT method.”

The “wall” and the “darkness” in life can be overcome with only one sparks the “GFIT method.” When it thinks so, courage and hope spring.

A “wall” and “darkness” are disagreeable. However, this grows up you as a reasonable creature. The person who gives a disagreeable thing and candid advice is the manure into which you are grown up. If it thinks so, minus will change to plus. Life is like the work which changes minus into plus.

※ A happy standard of value differs from a victory wholly separately. You are good at your standard of value. “Deny” of the beginning is a “suicidal act” when the worst. “Affirm” of the beginning means “I am good at me.”

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<<Language presented to you.>>

If you continue challenging with some awareness of the issues for the problem solving, there is no defeat of life for you. Becoming the victor of life is not becoming rich or succeeding in an enterprise. It is that it becomes the victor of life to become the “challenger” who challenges something. Even if it is the middle even if and loses a “life” in something, you do not finish life as a defeat person. Now!! You will also become the challenger who challenges something from today. Then, you get used to the victor of life. You can change only by it changing your soul into a “diamond soul.→Let’s become a problem-solving type human being.


When you understand that he has value only by the edge of all the things during about 13,700 million after the Big Bang of space birth being connected miraculously, and being useful and existing now in a planet called the earth of the solar system of the Milky Way Galaxy in the universe where he is vast, the soul for which all things including the past bitter experience, suffering, etc. can be appreciated will surely be born in the inner part of your heart.

And the soul comes to shine brightly like the sun.

It is the wonderful soul which human beings have in common exceeding all the races and religion on the earth.

Such a soul was made into global humanity and it was named the diamond soul.

And it was positioned as a life uptrend soul.

If your life is reset with such a soul, your life will surely improve.

It is MERCYCHAN which was embodied so that such a soul might be known also by a child as one pet name character.

MERCYCHAN is the aid character of your life.

From the creator of the MERCYCHAN character of the new concept to you.

If the performance of human beings’ eyes is high performance like a microscope, can human beings make a living ? The virus which is drifting in the air if human beings have a highly efficient eye like a microscope, and the bacteria which are anywhere appear, and the fearful world spreads. Now, human beings cannot make a living. Human beings can make a living by the favor whose performance of human beings’ eyes is not so highly efficient as a microscope.

Now, in the world, various argument has occurred by the difference between a race, religion, and thought. These argument is the problems which occur since it has the high capability that the place where human beings are different can be recognized. Some human beings apply a microscope to the different place, and refuse or attack a partner for reasons of the difference further.
That is because it persists only in the different things and he is fascinated only there. Hate and a grudge may be brewed by the heart if it becomes so. In such the state, human beings cannot make a living with sufficient relations easily. It is the same as that of if the above-mentioned human beings’ eyes are microscopes.

Then, if it carries out, how can human beings make a living with sufficient relations? The one answer is aware of global humanity common to human beings, and it is that it is right. This is made simply. The GFIT method using the MERCYCHAN character which imagined global humanity is the method. This seems to see the earth from the spacecraft. If we are on the ground, we understand various differences clearly. However, we can stand on the recognition “all human beings are the same friends who are living in a star called the same earth” ,if the earth is seen from the universe without any high advanced obstacle. It turns out clearly that there is no international border only by the earth being divided into land and the sea. If a star called human beings is seen from the universe, the outline of the star wrapped in the thing “global humanity” of this is the same as that of understanding clearly.

Therefore, if the difference which is visible from the ground is mutually accepted as a difference and the place where each is good is seen, doesn’t new human beings’ history start? If human beings turn their eyes to “the global humanity which it has in common” conversely, can’t human beings’ soul feel a sense of togetherness more than all race and all religion, and thought surely, without human beings’ persisting in that from which human beings are different?

Although this may be an empty dream, “the MERCYCHAN character which is a gratitude soul” is a character expressing such human beings’ romance. However, it is not impossible for human beings’ soul to be united and to realize world peace. It is because human beings have the pure conscience which is the soul of deity or Buddhahood in the depth of their soul.
(The soul of deity or Buddhahood=Global humanity common to human beings=The pure conscience)

Human beings’ science is progressing rapidly. Compared with it, human beings’ soul is also progressing little by little. Human beings, soul has left the barbarous still main pure-soul of instinct. However, a brake called reason worked gradually and the present human beings’ soul is made. Originally human beings’ barbarous soul of instinct is strong. Therefore, various barbarous acts were natural. Therefore, many misfortunes, such as war, were born and many human beings fell victim. However, human beings are free from argument of war, dispute, etc. still now. And the kind of many argument remains still more. “The new concept” thins the worldly desires of the minus which causes argument in such the world, and I think if it becomes the breakwater of the soul which prevents the misfortune of human beings’ trouble which the brake of reason was made effective and also includes an individual. Of course, the boss of a trouble is war. Many human lives became progress of human beings’ reason with the sacrifice in the past. Let’s consider that together once again. And isn’t a thought driven to “all that man emits come out of a soul” ?

The GFIT method which imagines the MERCYCHAN character which is a gratitude soul can drive out the worldly desires of the minus which is the enemy of the soul which becomes among man out of a soul. And by that, the worldly desires of plus in man’s soul can be stirred up. And if the worldly desires of plus are emitted from the soul, an individual trouble and terrorism can be eradicated. However, since there are many worldly desires of minus of man far from the worldly desires of plus, they are formidable enemies. Therefore, man does not come to the head immediately, he does not get angry, or feelings are not subsided. However, “ the brake of the soul of reason ” which man has drives out a formidable enemy called the worldly desires of minus. “ the brake of the soul of reason” is “the new concept”. MERCYCHAN embodied the image of “ the new concept ”. I am sure that this MERCYCHAN serves as a breakwater of the heart which surely prevents a reckless run of man’s soul. And finally world peace is realizable. A spiritual reckless run occurs also by explosion of complaint dissatisfaction. The random shooting incident of a gun etc. will occur by spiritual reckless run. It is MERCYCHAN that man suggests the soul most important for man when a soul runs recklessly with complaint dissatisfaction.
Although this may be an empty dream, MERCYCHAN is the image character of “the new concept” for realizing the dream of human beings’ world peace.

Please apply a microscope as a partner and do not look for only faults. Now, a sense of togetherness is not brewed. However, in argument, a microscope is needed. Let’s greatly fight and make it a fruitful thing.

The merit of the good feeling image training method.
(A red initial is taken and this method is abbreviated to the “GFIT method''.)

MERCYCHAN of a diamond soul creates many hope.
Trouble The detailed merit of the GFIT method

No1. If “love”, a “smiling face”, and “gratitude” are always chosen even when what kind of difficulty and trial are faced in life, and also when what kind of misfortune is encountered, stress will not be received directly. Man encounters various problems in life. In life, it is not only a good occurrence. There are many occurrences of minus rather. However, a damage will be given to the heart if only the feeling of minus is borne. People are hated or blamed depending on a problem. By such feeling, it cannot become fortunate. A problem may not get used to the feeling of plus easily.

However, continuing having as good feeling as much as possible keeps its heart, and it considers the method of causing neither an incident nor a trouble. As for human beings, argument has occurred by the difference between religion, thought, and a race in some areas. Very much good feeling cannot be borne. The cause is the chain of hate.

Human beings have the wonderful thing which it has in common. They are “love”, a “smiling face”, and “the heart of gratitude”. If human beings notice that, allow an old thing and suit, I will think that it can surely be reconciled. “Love”, a “smiling face”, and “the heart of gratitude” are the wonderful humanity which human beings have in common. The humanity is the soul of deity or Buddhahood. The soul is a soul of a diamond. “MERCYCHAN” expressed the diamond soul so that it might be visible. I think that hate and a grudge will disappear and the heart of consideration will bud if human beings picture “MERCYCHAN” to themselves. And I think that it leads to world peace. “MERCYCHAN” is the power of overthrowing the wall of the heart not appearing to the eye between human beings.

No2. If MERCYCHAN is imagined to the heart, “idle thoughts”
And “delusion” can be wiped away. The “GFIT method” is a method by which man’s brain used what “the bright heart and the dark heart cannot live together”, and the principle “two or more things cannot be considered simultaneously”. The bright character MERCYCHAN wipes away man’s negative heart using the principle. And the heart which makes a living positively brightly is created.

No3. The third of a merit can forget an everyday disagreeable thing.

No4. The fourth of a merit pulls out the heart of “the rate which was”, “consideration”, and “tenderness”.

No5. When man encounters the occurrences of minus, it can have hope brightly, without missing oneself.

No6. It is utilizable as your object for the education of a “service industry”, “service trade”, and a an “operating job”. This method creates the matchless heart. The matchless heart is the power which wraps all in.

No7. The present age is a complicated and busy time. And the sense of values is diversified. It is taught to such a time as what the foundation of our heart should be used.

No8. When you come to the head by something, it controls spasmodic or taking out short mind and acting. This can form the custom of “setting between”, before shifting to action. Let’s practice the “GFIT method”, if it comes to the head by something.
Let’s practice the “GFIT method”,if it you get angry by something.
Let’s practice the “GFIT method” if it becomes that it is likely to quarrel by something. Let’s practice the “GFIT method”, when you wish to commit suicide for some reasons. Practicing the “GFIT method” is preventing action which wastes a lifetime.

No9. MERCYCHAN of Gratitude Soul can create a sense of unity with everything.
If you talk to everything with a Gratitude Soul, you can make friends with everything and can feel a sense of unity. Try putting your hand over your body and talking to your organs with the “Gratitude Soul,” for example, “Thank you, my heart, for working so hard to make my blood circulate all the time,” or “I’m sorry, my heart, for making work you too hard with my overwork. I will let you rest well soon.” It is also good to talk to your liver as, “I am sorry for drinking too much on the other day. It must have been hard for you. I will give you some slow days soon.” If you do so, you will feel a sense of unity with your own organs, which you have never paid attention to, and you will take care of them very well. There are many friends, partners, and other things around us. If you contact them with the “Gratitude Soul,” curiously you can create a sense of unity with them.

Down the ages, it is said that the “Gratitude Soul” is called a magical soul for its mysterious power. It is because God (or a pure goodwill at the bottom of yourself = a Divine soul) corresponds and creates a sense of unity with everything around you. When you have a feeling of unity with everything, you will be filled with the energy of joy and your life will change for better to be happier. You can achieve creating a sense of unity with the character of MERCYCHAN of Gratitude Soul

In order to fight with oneself, you have to know the enemy of your heart first.

No1.? Why doesn’t trade prosper?

No2.? Why doesn’t a home become harmonious ?

No3.? Do you mix and don’t human relations work as for you ?

No4.? Why doesn’t a crime disappear from this world ?

No5.? Why is man agonized ?

One of the greatest prime causes of these is what “it is caught by its ides and separated from the idea.”

If MERCYCHAN is made into the partner of the heart by the good feeling image training method, change comes to the main axis of the heart and the answer of the problem of No1 to No5 can be seen. 

[The wall of its idea is torn.]

What kind of thing is it with “the wall of its idea is torn” ? It means that your “enemy of the heart which becomes among them” can be driven out from the bottom of its heart. Attachment can be thrown away if it does so. In order to fight with oneself, you have to know the enemy of your heart first. It can fight only after being able to know an enemy.

[While thinking, what is the enemy of the heart ?]

(The worldly desires of minus.)

1. Egoism.? 2. Fear.? 3. Avaricious.? 4. Narrow-minded.? 5.???? Hate.? 6. Anger.? 7. sexual desire.? 8. Quick-tempered.? 9. Jealousy.? 10. Lie.? 11. Falsehood.? 12. Insincere.? 13. Vanity.? 14. Merciless.? 15. Cruelty.? 16. Slander.? 17. Injustice.? 18. Dishonest.? 19. Un-trusting.? 20. Backbiting.? 21. Revenge.? 22. Betrayal.? 23. Envy.? 24. Anxious.? 25. Irresolute.?

The worldly desires of plus.

1. Gratitude. 2. Sharing. 3. Cooperation. 4. Mutual help. 5. Service. 6. Friendship. 7. Hiroyoshi. 8. onsideration. 9. Passion. 10. Efforts. 11. Patience. 12. Sincerity. 13. Nature.

No3. A fricative dissolution revival of human power, and improvement.

A fricative dissolution.

Human beings have invented many machines using power using metal. That is in having played the most important role by the machine is the bearing and lubricating oil which cancel friction of metal and metal. It cannot move, even if it will design and manufacture a highly efficient machine, if this bearing and lubricating oil do not exist. The bearing and lubricating oil which cancel friction of metal and metal do not appear on the surface of a machine. We are not living with the consciousness “a bearing and lubricating oil have canceled friction” usually. With any highly efficient machines, if there are not a bearing and lubricating oil, it is only in the lump of a free metal. A bearing and lubricating oil are things so important for until.


If an eye is changed to our society, now various problems exist. The sad incident and the unhappy occurrence have occurred like every day by friction of the heart of man and a human being also in it. What should we really do with these for improving? This problem is a problem common to human beings. The keyword which solves these problems is the bearing and lubricating oil which cancel friction of metal and metal. If a thing like a bearing and lubricating oil exists also in human society, friction of the heart which man makes will be canceled. I devised MERCYCHAN as a thing equivalent to a bearing and lubricating oil from such a reason. MERCYCHAN expresses the wonderful humanity which human beings have in common. This MERCYCHAN has the feature in the place made into the easy character so that he could understand not by reason but by whom. If conscious of MERCYCHAN also in an instant when the time of man coming to the head and short mind are taken out, or when it goes out, I think that it comes to self also momentarily and the worst result can be prevented.

Revival and improvement in human power.

MERCYCHAN hits the bearing to which human society like a complicated and advanced precision instrument is moved smoothly, and lubricating oil. If bearing and lubricating oil are worn out by the load by daily operation or deteriorate, an advanced precision instrument will become amusing. The heart of the human being who constitutes human society is also worn out by the stress by daily busyness, or has deteriorated. Such a human being’s heart induces a crime, or the symptoms of mental illness is made shown.


If the bearing and lubricating oil in a machine are worn out or it deteriorates, they can be exchanged to a new thing. But man’s heart cannot be exchanged. Therefore, you have to maintain the heart by yourself. The one method of the maintenance is the “G,F,I,T method”.

Therefore, it is important to imagine MERCYCHAN which sometimes expressed humanity and to return to the starting point as man. We are exposed to the world of comparison and possession. And it is running about in confusion in it. There is no method in a competitive society. From now on, it cannot escape. While carrying out well, it is good, but failure and frustration are accessories. What is necessary is just to return to the starting point as man, when it suffers a setback, such a failure and. And let’s accumulate and redo energy from there again. If even a life is not lost, we can redo any number of times. Returning to the starting point as man is the secret which is made to revitalize human power and raises human power from before.

To an information page.

No4. The new style for Living positively.

MERCYCHAN is sending the important thing which the man of today who was tired of being busy forgets. And the revival and improvement in human power are aimed at by the good feeling image training method.

What is the good feeling image training method? ・・・・・
It is pulling out, “the brightness and the hot heart, i.e., the humanity,” which man originally has, by imagining MERCYCHAN in the heart. And it is the image training which makes itself the bright heart which is the foundations which wipe away the idea of minus in the heart, and delusion and are positively useful with that.


It is the heart of a smiling face and gratitude which tends to be forgotten in the modern society which changes an aspect quickly every day and asks people for change or speed. MERCYCHAN is the hot character which makes such the important heart remember. The chemical reaction of a heart plus smiling face is expressing “thank you.”


MERCYCHAN of a lovely character was named from “Mercy” which means French “thank you.” MERCYCHAN was produced for the purpose of sending the important thing which a busy man of today tends to forget. There is two important spirits which MERCYCHAN is sending. One is the spirit “to be carefully about the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude in a daily life.” Another is the spirit “to surely open a way if even the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude is not lost when a difficult problem is faced in life.” MERCYCHAN has proposed “the new style for living positively” for these two spirits to the man of today busy with a base. For example, a prejudice is one of those which are mentioned as what becomes the hindrance of daily communication. This prejudice is boiled occasionally, is carried out and is based on individual negative delusion. However, man’s weak place is building a wall with such delusion among people. This bars communication. And a negative direction will be chosen, without the ability demonstrating the potential thought which man originally has “love from those who want to love people.” Man has to take care not to have to run into suicide, bullying, abuse, and a medicine by the conflict which chose such a negative direction and was born. And the good feeling image training method was devised as there being no such negative thing wavered spirally.

Bread ferments cloth with yeast called a yeast fungus, and turns into delicious bread. It can be again born to the human being who man’s heart also ferments and has a taste. The yeast of the one heart of MERCYCHAN helps the fermentation. “Brightness and the hot heart, i.e., “humanity”, “are pulled out in imagining MERCYCHAN in the heart, and the idea of minus and delusion are wiped away. This is just the true value of the good feeling image training method. Just a hot aspect of affairs grows up man. When such a hot aspect of affairs is encountered, MERCYCHAN which was full of the positive thought surely works as a compass of life, and the right way is shown.


The source of all actions that man takes is the heart. If that heart is drawn in the good direction, it is also possible to lose war from on this earth. World peace will not be realized if the inside of the heart is filled with hate, a grudge, or anger. However, I think that world peace is realizable if the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude in the heart is fulfilled. Hate, a grudge, and no anger are induced. They bring about destruction rather. MERCYCHAN eliminates hate, a grudge, and anger little by little out of man’s heart. And human beings are sure that one notices it being the really foolish and empty thing for which every argument of war etc. induces nothing in the future. The heart of the love and the smiling face which are expressed by MERCYCHAN, and gratitude is the wonderful thing which human beings have in common exceeding all religion and races. The human beings with such a wonderful thing think that they can surely make the peaceful world which does not have war on this earth in the future. Whenever human beings want such a wonderful thing to notice having in common by the appearance of MERCYCHAN, I who am the author of MERCYCHAN consider. MERCYCHAN is the simple character which both the children in the world and adults can understand also by whom. However, MERCYCHAN is a message character expressing the wonderful thing which human beings have in common in simple inside. I want to notice it early that human beings war by hate, a grudge, or anger being an empty thing without any meaning. Hate, a grudge, and anger are the big walls which human beings have to overcome in the future. However, it is sure that the big wall can surely be overcome by human beings’ wisdom. It is because human beings have the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude in common exceeding all races and religion.

Although human beings' race and religion are various, the time of understanding and surely dressing all together will surely come on them. It is because everybody has “love”, a “smiling face”, and “the heart of gratitude”. If cannot understand eternally and be sad although such human beings may be accompanied by difficulty. The
future world looks at the place where each is different, blames it, and does not suit, but I see each other common feature, or think it important to look for each other common purpose. Because, if the world does not depend on each other, human beings cannot make a living from now on. When the population problem with human beings are faced, an environmental problem, a food problem, a poverty problem, etc. are considered, I think that there is no time when human beings are doing every argument. How do you think?
Finally, the common feature of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is that the Old Testament is in a doctrine. Into the Old Testament, familiar “ Moses’s Ten Commandments” is also describing you. Into it, it is describing “ Don’t kill people.” Is the reality in the present in what kind of state? If it is a pious person, must not an instruction be protected to each other ? Can’t the common feature of this Old Testament find out a faint hope to world peace?

The proposal of one turn for human beings to understand each other

No1. It is accepting each existence at first.
No2. Next, it is looking for each other common feature.
No3. The next is becoming friendly and sharing a problem etc.
No4. The next is respecting each other difference and suiting.
No5. And the last is each other deepening an understanding and groping for the common purpose.

MERCYCHAN is a character expressing the power of overthrowing the wall of the heart not appearing to the eye between human beings.
MERCYCHAN is sending the important thing which a busy man of today tends to forget

We have to value love, a smiling face, and the heart of gratitude in a daily life.

When a difficult problem is faced in life, if even the true heart, a smiling face, and the heart of gratitude is not lost, a way is surely opened.
※What expressed the power and the true heart which overcome the difficulty of life,and love,a smiling face and the heart of gratitude to one nickname mark.----It is MERCYCHAN.
He forgets immediately that in which man does not have a form, and thing which is not visibe.
Therefore, I embodied.

When you face various problems in your life, Please imagine "MERCYCHAN" strongly.It surely be comes your power. Humane solution will surely be found out.

MERCYCHAN gives the courage and hope which are useful to you.

If man does not forget "love", "a smiling face", and "the heart of gratitude", he dose not miss himself.

It is because wonderful power will spring if MERCYCHAN enters into your heart.

Please remember MERCYCHAN, when you encounter various problems in your life. It surely becomes your power.

MERCYCHAN is used as the bright hot heart.

Why is it that "MERCYCHAN" makes it the bright hot heart?

There is a prejudice of the cause which has barred man's action and communication of which it is freely convinced to one. For example, man will be freely convinced to one. For example, man will be freely convinced "that man will surely think of me like what…what", that man is "disagreeable" in my thing, etc. Among salesmen, the salesman who decides freely by himself "has decided that it is refused even if it introduces such goods" not having carried out approach, either is also needed. Even those who are convinced "It makes a fool of me" only by other persons looking at themselves as an extreme example are needed. Man tends to be convinced to the bad thing to the worse one and the worse one. On the other hand, it is convinced "It got cold suddenly" on a target, and a partner is hated or the human being who will not do conversation etc. at all does. The partner has various things rather than got cold, and mind stopped only freely convinced without completely considering a partner's thing. An injury may be inflicted on the worst and a partner. These are the prejudices of which it is freely convinced by human relations and other causes. These prejudices are almost delusion.

However, man's weak place will build a wall with people with such delusion. This is one cause which has barred action and communication. Originally man has potentially the thought "love from those who want to love people." However delusion interferes with it owing to various things.

The one method of wiping away such delusion that man holds is imagining "MERCYCHAN." It can pull out by imagining this "MERCYCHAN", "the brightness and the hot heart, i.e. "humanity", which man originally has. It is because a "minus・element" can be wiped away with a "plus-element" for man.

"MERCYCHAN"wipes away your delusion and builds the bright rich heart. Please input "MERCYCHAN" to your brain cell.

You must surely be glad, if "love" is got from people. You must surely be glad, if a "smiling face" is got from people. You must surely be glad, if you are appreciated from people.
By imagining "MERCYCHAN", it is given by people and these three points enter into your heart. And these three points will surely be given by people with nature.

All the "bad ideas" is borne by delusion. Let's sever the root by driving out the delusion

No.1  Is love in you?

No.2  Is a smiling face in you?

No.3  Is there any heart of gratitude in you?

Please carry out self-question answering yourself of these three points everyday.
Happiness will surely visit in your heart.


All the conception that man bears is born from the bottom of its heart. Nature and oneself are changeble by visualizing good conception in the heart.
※"MERCYCHAN" is the character for structural reform of the heart.

"MERCYCHAN" is the nickname mark of "Thank you"
The meaning of ''thank you,, was given to ''MERCYCHAN,,.

Although ''MERCYCHAN,, was a simple form , it expressed ''love,, ,the ''smiling face'' , and ''the heart of gratitude'' which human beings have in common exceeding all races and all religion in this.


1)The bright rich heart is created by "GFIT method"which imagines "MERCYCHAN"in the head. And let's make fortune expand and lead rich life. Consequently, let's live positively brightly also for everything and create the attractive world all together. Moreover, when you encounter occurrences of minus, such as solve by "the bright heart"and"plus thinking."
※ It is brewing “a new human being view” in the heart by the GFIT method finally.

2) MERCYCHAN promotion incorporated company is the venture business of the industry of the new heart.

The purpose of our company.

MERCYCHAN of the message character expressing the global humanity which human beings have in common exceeding all the race, all religion, and all thought on the earth proposes “the new concept.” And the feeling of a blockade of the problem which human beings and an individual have by the “new human being view” brewed by it is overthrown. The crime and suicide which are chosen as one solution of the conflict born by a trouble and pain of man are prevented by that, and it aims at creating the peaceful world which finally does not have argument.

New proposal.

Human beings can surely exceed the wall of various differences in human beings, if a viewpoint is changed. And finally human beings can overcome all the walls, and can unite.

Opinion of MERCYCHAN:

Let's turn our eyes to human beings' identity.→If a viewpoint changes, a soul will change.

In order to have got ※①various difficalties and difficulty in complicated busy modem society, it consists of power with big pure true heart which man originally has, love and a smiling face, and heart of gratitude. I want to notice that.
And I create richer life and want to lead a happy lifetime. We are going to tend to consider things intricately for problem solving. The more it thinks intricately, the more it is a usual state that an answer cannot be found out. However, isn't the important thing which we have missed in classic feeling?
And it also wants our future to notice becoming the light of the hope made bright.
The time given to us is not infinite.
Our life may be that it is the first step toward happiness to just live the given time carefully.

Gratitude is love

Human beings' advanced nations became rich in quest of economical abundance. However, it seems that "lubricating oil of the heart" of man and a human being has gone out as the reaction. A machine and engine will break, if lubricating oil goes out. Our society will also break, if "the lubricating oil of the heart" goes out. Various incidents to which it is coming in the world and which are not considered may be the results of this "lubricating oil of the heart" having gone out. "MERCYCHAN" is considered in such society as one in wonderful "lubricating oil of the heart" which man originally has. Good feeling can make "lubricating oil of the heart".

Love, a smiling face, and the heart of gratitude are the wonderful things which human beings' have in common.
Human beings have such a wonderful thing. The contrary of love is hate. The contrary of a smiling face is an anger face.
The contrary of gratitude is complaint dissatisfaction.
These do not induce feeling good for human beings.
However, love, a smiling face, and the heart of gratitude induce feeling good for human beings.All are produced from love, a smiling face, and the heart of gratitude. And love, a smiling face, and the constructive soul of gratitude positive from the bottom of their heart and bright are also born. Nothing is borne by the opposite hate, the anger face, and complaint dissatisfaction. Not to mention it is not born, they bring about destruction on the contrary.
Inducing good feeling leads to a happy feeling for human beings. Argument does not occur at the place which good feeling governs. Human beings can make peace by making an effort pulling out good feeling to each other.
It is most important for human beings that efforts to pull out good feeling notice an important thing. The first step for solving all the problems that human beings have is performing being conscious of efforts pulling out good feeling.
It is because efforts to pull out good feeling are the one method of making world peace. Human beings have feeling and reason. The human beings who were able to balance feeling and reason are idears. However, feeling is governing reality greatly. I think that this feeling currently greatly must be observed more.
MERCYCHAN is the powerful mark which can pull out good feeling. Being conscious of efforts to plant the seeds of feeling good for people who are in your surrounding, let's perform from today.
The kind is good at mere a few.


Various problems generate life. If satisfactory at all, it will not have exceeded to it. However, life is not so easy. Man worries and is in pain to the problem to generate. And it carries out somehow, the problem is solved, and it moves forward. However, in inside, the exterior is attacked as solution of the conflict in question, or self is attacked. The attack on external serves as various crimes, and appears. And when the worst, a self attack is committing suicide and appears. Man’s crime and the main cause of suicide are a trouble and pain. Therefore, if a trouble and pain are overcome to create a good world, it will solve. The GFIT method is introduced by this homepage as one method of overcoming such a trouble and pain.

This method is the method of printing MERCYCHAN of the image character of the new concept on the mirror cell within a brain. And I brew “a human new view” through this character, and want to have the right firm human view. Let’s make it not miss self by doing so. When it is alike occasionally, it carries out and man misses self, there is a tendency which runs to a crime, suicide, etc. Therefore, don’t miss self in the face of what kind of hot problem.

Power of love
Power of a smiling face
Power of gratitude
Please image MERCYCHAN strongly in your heart.
The sun can be gained to the heart by doing so.
Your heart becomes bright and surely live now psitively.
Finally “a human new view” is brewed.

◎The collective strength of the power of love,the of a smiling face,and the power of gratitude is human power.

◎Let's explode all the difficulties in life by human power.
MERCYCHAN is the good soul which fights with a bad soul.
MERCYCHAN = Human power = The sun of the heart.
Man becomes happy by gaining the sun to the heart

Let's wake up to human power.

To an information page.

Let the life exprectancy of your country temporarily be 78.32years old of wales.
A life EXPECTANCY is shortened and calculated in 12hours.
It calculates it having been born in 6:00a.m. of a morning, and having gone to Heaven at 6:00p.m. of the evening.

(Example) 56years-old male Birthday May 30 Calculated day.
It is referred to as March 30(A.D.2004).
12hours=43200seconds 78.32years old=939.84monts.
After-the-birth1month=43200seconds÷939.84months=45.965seconds.→(It is omission the 4th place of a decimal point.)

Age×9.193minutes=time which was useful after being born.
8.58hours=8hours +0.58hours.

If 0.58hours is changed to a part. 58×60÷100=34.8minutes.
34.8minutes=34minutes + 0.8minutes

If 0.8minutes is changed to a second

+ + =8hours+34minutes and+48secods.
Since 8hours, 34minutes, 48seconds has passed since 6:00a.m.
Age time is 2:34p.m. 48seconds.

This is the time by the birthday of a front year to the last.
The right time is known if calculation from May 31 to March 30 of a front year is carried out, since the calculated day is on March 30.
Several seconds will be calculated on the 1st.
Since 1 years old is 9.193minutes. 9.193minutes÷365days=0.02518…≒0.025(It is omission the 4th place of a decimal point.)

One day is calculated with 1.5seconds.
The days from May 31(A.D.2003), the previous year to March 30(A.D.2004), last year are 304days. (It will calculate with the 28th February.)
304days×1.5seconds=456seconds. 456seconds=7.6minutes.
7.6minutes=7minutes and 0.6minutes=7minutes and 36seconds.


{ 0.6minutes=6/10minutes→If it changes to a second


- 2:34p.m. 48seconds. -7minutes and 36seconds.
+ =2:41p.m. 84seconds
       =2:42p.m. 24seconds.

It will say.

How many seconds is the back for how many hours till 6:00p.m.?
Please calculate.

When we get up in the morning and it works, it is early that 6:00p.m. comes.
Thus, if it looks at at age time, it turns out that the time given as it is unexpected is few.
If 3:00p.m. comes, it will come at 6:00p.m. in the twinkling of an eye.
I think that they are the feeling of everyday life.
Our life is carefully brightly positively and useful in the given time …things are just the first steps toward happiness.

We may hold a trouble of the difficulties which it cannot finish carrying on the back, and many.
When its limit is exceeded, do not worsen, nothing is no longer considered, or no
become disagreeable, and a bodily condition considers a strange thing.
When such, please carry out to a doctor exactly or consult with the specialist in
question whom you are holding. There must surely be the right solution.
And if the right solution is chosen, there is surely new deployment.
And it may be said that the time solves all.
Please never do absolutely what takes its life.

※ MERCYCHAN is the best also for better luck.

considered our company.
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The target of our company.

“MERCYCHAN” of the message character which expressed “love” and the “smiling face” which human beings have in common, and “the heart of gratitude” exceeding all the races on the earth and all religion becoming faint “light of hope” blockade of the problem which human beings have, and resembling creating the peaceful world, and cooperating.

Our company is a company which has spread the character “MERCYCHAN” of the new concept.” And our company is a company which has proposed that the inside of man’s soul is improvable by the easy method of the GFIT method using the character. Our company is a company which offers the hint which unearths people who are suffering from a trouble, illusion, etc. of man, and leads to problem solving through a homepage. Our company is a company that the suicide which is explosion of man’s soul, bullying, and abuse and various crimes will be prevented by improvement of the inside of the soul of the GFIT method.

    The designer and this homepage maker of MERCYCHAN : Harunobu Kodama

It is overthrowing despair and a feeling of a blockade and creating hope.


The goods concept of MERCYCHAN
Aid poetry to your life.
MERCYCHAN is the aids character of your life
A concept is “if the soul changes, life will change”.

Diamond soul = Life uptrend soul

※ Although the “soul” is not the same as a “view”, a “view” has big influence on the “soul”. Therefore, you may understand the “soul” to be a “view”.

Now, at our company, the company which wants to plan the goods using MERCYCHAN is looked for.
Now, at our company, in order to spread the MERCYCHAN character of a diamond soul all over the world, the general agent of one company is looked for to each country

Let’s use MERCYCHAN as the sun of human beings’ heart.

Love, a smiling face, and the heart of gratitude are the wonderful things which human beings have in common.

MERCYCHAN is the vitamin of the heart and is the flower of the soul.

Originally human beings have the soul of deity in the heart. However, it cannot come out to a table easily by the knowledge or information which are a prejudice sense, and “the enemy of the heart who becomes among them.” The method of stirring up the soul which cannot come out to such a table is the “GFIT method.” 
And human beings’ heart is strongly wanted to be set to one exceeding all religion and all races by that. Consequently, the no-war world is desired strongly.
※ Human beings have said “God lives in its? heart”since ancient times. “The soul of deity” in this? text? corresponds to it. Therefore, “the soul of deity” in the inside of this homepage is? not? a religious? meaning. It is the thing of the beautiful and wonderful humanity which human beings originally have in common. That was expressed as “global humanity.

Product development concept

№1 The image and language of plus are inputted to the mirror cell in a brain.
№2 This cell catches that image and language just like that, and its heart becomes such. This is understood in cerebral research.
№3 It can do by printing an image on oneself, for inputting to a mirror cell, or uttering voice, and persuading, or reporting.

Let’s stir up the tenderness which imagines MERCYCHAN and is sleeping in the depth of the heart. And these bright days that are healthily full of a smiling face happily are passed, and it is a method of better.

Your trouble and uneasiness imagine and grind
MERCYCHAN and are a method of better.


The source of man’s heart is the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude. It has not fallen in such a severe time, either. Such a world made bloody should use MERCYCHAN as the sun of the heart.

MERCYCHAN is not a simple character.
MERCYCHAN is a character with philosophy.

The ``image strategy`` which imagines MERCYCHAN in the heart is the method of fulfilling the bright good idea of plus in a brain, and driving out the bad idea of minus out of a brain.

This image strategy is the reconstruction method of the new heart of having used man could not imagine two things simultaneously at once.

This new concept is `` new style for living positively`` of a busy man of today. If this style spreads in the whole world, world peace realization is not a dream, either. It is because it is one concrete style in which human beings can become friendly exceeding all human beings’ races and religion.

It is because it is one concrete style in which human beings can become friendly exceeding all human beings’ races and religion. It is because the heart of love, a smiling face, and gratitude is the wonderful thing which human beings have in common.

The character expressing such a wonderful thing is MERCYCHAN.

≪Let’s choose plus thinking.≫

Let’s choose plus thinking, when various problems, troubles, etc. are faced in your life.

An important thing is holding neither a problem nor a trouble alone.

The captain of a life ship is you. This ship does not cruise by automatic steering by a computer. It cruises with a control device called your soul. A method only has polishing and training your soul to raising the performance of the equipment and making a goal safely.


Various difficulties and adverse circumstances, a trouble, etc. of life look like minus, if only a surface top is seen. However, it is also a big chance to discover worth of new in fact life. It has a possibility that it is a best chance to regaze at oneself, and itself's dormant faculty can be discovered. That is, it is also the chance which deserts itself and can be born again newly. The keyword which can be born again is in a view. Let's discover worth of plus hidden there without merely being caught only by minus sides.


Let's change the course into the life which had autonomy in this opportunity.


If man becomes a self-centered view, he will miss essence. Let's be cautious of that.

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