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The last message from the writer of this homepage.

The total conclusion of a message.

Writer・・・Harunobu Kodama

To all the people currently agonized.・・・・This message is the new field which a writer kept being in pain and arrived

No1.Let's change the world of the heart and appreciate the wall of life.
All human beings certainly face the wall of life. Since man faces the wall, man grows. If life does not have a wall of an obstacle at flatness, it is easy. However, man gains nothing from easy life. Supposing you are faced with the wall of life now, you are a chance to grow up.

The answer which overthrows the wall is not outside. The answer which overthrows the wall exists in the inside of your heart. Therefore, please do not attack the exterior.

Please read this homepage repeatedly and discover that answer. Supposing it discovers, the world of your heart will surely change.
Then, the time when you can certainly appreciate the wall of the life comes.

No2. The walls of life are teaching materials of your life, and are a teacher.
All the phenomena of minus of "failure", "difficulty", "adverse circumstances", etc. of the wall of life are teaching materials which teach many to you. It is because man is a living thing which can grow only at the time of the phenomenon of minus. Man cannot grow mentally, when favorable. Why is it? It is because man considers nothing when favorable. When the wall of life is faced, man thinks hard, in order to solve the problem.
This act of thinking is a source which grows mentally.
Then, what kind of posture should the posture of the heart of this act to consider just carry out? The answer is a posture of the positive and affirmative heart. The posture of this positive and affirmative heart becomes a teacher of your life. Because, if it responds to the phenomenon of your minus with the posture of the backward and negative heart, you will gain nothing.
Therefore, the walls of life are teaching materials of your life, and are a teacher. And the posture of the positive and affirmative heart is a teacher of your life.

Therefore, don't consider the wall of your life in the bad direction. The wall of life will be valueless if it thinks in the bad direction. However, if it thinks in the good direction, the wall of life will change to a valuable thing called teaching materials and a teacher.              

No3. How to love people.
Your life will not improve, if you hate people. Probably, you want life to surely improve. All the people surely think so. In this homepage, I claim that I will improve if people are loved. Then, to a slight degree, let's investigate this deeply and consider it. What is the cause by which you cannot love people?

Because, as for the answer, people did not love me in the past. Have not you done such an idea? It is because people do not love me. Have not you done such a selfish idea?

Why can't you love people?
The answer does not have bad people clearly. You are bad. It is because you do not give people love. There is a problem in you who do not give love. For giving people love, you have to defeat the greatest formidable enemy.
The greatest formidable enemy is you yourself. The surroundings will be an ally if the enemy is defeated.
An ally can be loved. Namely, you can love people of an ally now. For defeating the greatest enemy, you have to be doing perfect combustion of the life. Only a debt is saved, if break a promise, failure of the contract is carried out or thing incomplete combustion is carried out. The cause of incomplete combustion may have occurred from your irresolute character. You can love nature and people, if the incomplete combustion of life is solved. You can love people, if what should be done is done exactly. If you love people, people will return love to you. It is not a so difficult thing. You will become matchless if the greatest formidable enemy is defeated.

However, if continued by defeating the greatest formidable enemy, you may go in the direction of the illness of the heart. Therefore, it is a starting point of life to defeat the greatest formidable enemy. And it is most important to defeat the greatest formidable  enemy.

No4. Why do human beings need the soul which accepts diversity?
First of all, let's consider a nature. The inside of a nature is full of a heterogeneous living thing. Of course, a plant etc. are contained. And it is living in natural balance.

They live on correlation. The living thing which is living independently does not exist. The heterogeneous value of a plant inhales the heterogeneous value of carbon dioxide, and is emitting the heterogeneous value of oxygen. A plant needs the water of heterogeneous value, in order to live. And the light of heterogeneous value is also required. Furthermore, man takes in a useful thing with countless heterogeneous value, etc., and is living.
Human beings' economic world is circulating the goods which people of heterogeneous value produced all over the world. And people of the heterogeneous value which lives in another country purchase the product. And the people are living using the purchased goods. Man does not refuse the goods which people of heterogeneous value produced. The economic world of all countries is connected with correlation to people of heterogeneous value. These relations are the same as a nature. This is a natural law. Therefore, excluding people of heterogeneous value infringes a natural law. It is a natural law to permit and accept people of heterogeneous value. Human beings have to learn in a nature. You need to assume temporarily that a solar light is disagreeable.
This world will be ruined if this world excepts the sun from the solar system for such a reason. The subjectivity of man's tastes misses a broad perspective. Let's consider this meaning at this opportunity.

Two or more colors are mixed and a solar light is one light. The sun emits the different color and is one light.
The light is emitting the color from which individuality is different. And the light is big power. Let two or more solar lights be the numbers of man's organization.
When it does so, the organization is mixing of two or more individuality. Mixing of the individuality becomes one big power same with the sun. If an organization has much number of mixing of individuality, it will become great power. Excluding the individuality of people of heterogeneous value infringes a natural law. Man has to understand that from the light of this sun. However, since man's subjectivity is regrettably strong, man is not easy to control. However, efforts are required. Every person's individuality is mixed and our society is building wonderful society. Therefore, one person is also indispensable. There is a reason for permitting diversity here and accepting individuality. If a solar light is single one color, prosperity of this earth is impossible. Human beings' prosperity as well as this is the same.

No5. 【Human beings are connected with "thread of affection."】    


The contents here should click and read the upper title.

No6.If you do not encounter the difficult wall of life, you cannot reach a chance to be again born to a wonderful human being. Therefore, the difficult wall of life has a meaning important for you.

The difficult wall of life is a door which leads you happily. And if the door is opened, you will come out to the yard where the flower of worth of plus is in bloom. The flower is "MERCYCHAN" of the diamond soul for which you were searching.

For being again born to a human being with a diamond soul, you have to defeat the difficult wall of life. In order to defeat a difficult wall, you have to win the yourself who is the greatest formidable enemy of life. Your enemy is not society, either and also people. Your enemy is you, one more person who lives in your heart. Therefore, please fight with an enemy called the other you without escaping from the difficult wall of life. And please defeat the battle. If it wins, you will change to a wonderful human being. Then, you become a victor of life.

Your real enemy.

MERCYCHAN always whisper about to you as follows.
Even if you encounter hardships in life, don't think in the bad direction by any means. Let's think in the good direction.That is, it means "Thinking not in a dark direction but in the bright direction."


I am wishing for happiness of all the people who read this homepage. Thank you.

The total conclusion of a message.

No1. 【Life is decided by encounter.】・・・・

By what is life decided? The answer is encounter. You will surely be able to create wonderful life by the ability to have met with this homepage. The problem which you have is easily unsolvable.
However, if this homepage is read, you will surely be able to discover the hint of solution.

No2. 【This homepage was born from the writer's experience.】・・・・

This homepage offers what experienced and acquired suffering by collapse of the bubble economy. This homepage adds a figure, poetry, a tale, etc. and offers the hint of problem solving intelligibly concretely. You have to know the character of man's brain to solve the problem of the heart. The solution using the character of such a brain is the GFIT method. This homepage is expressing what the writer gained from the bottom of suffering.

No3. 【Even if a life is painful, don't use a deadly poison called suicide.】・・・・

Many people committed suicide by collapse of the bubble economy of Japan. It is the greatest deadly poison of problem solving to choose suicide, though regrettable. Suicide is released from despair in an instant. The suicide can escape from all the problems perfectly. Therefore, many people use this deadly poison. Even if you despair, please do not use a deadly poison called suicide. Suicide does serious damage to your life. A natural storm will leave, if time passes. The storm of life will leave, if time passes as well as it.

※I think that the suicide by bullying has strong implications called not a reason but "revenge" of liking to become easy early.

※MERCYCHAN whisper about to you as follows. "Even if there are hardships in life, don't think by any means in the worse one and the worse one." Conversely, let's think brightly to the better one and the better one.

No4. 【Let's value those who tell you a severe thing.】・・・・

Many people worry about you that you become a misfortune. The human being who thinks of you truly in such people says a severe thing. The human being who says a severe thing is a human being who is truly worried about your thing. The human being who says a severe thing thinks that he becomes independent to you truly and I want you to make a fresh start. You have to discern "who has said the truth." Life should sharpen your sensor well and should discern truth. It is because the person in charge of life is you. Man is weak to tenderness, when having weakened mentally. It is actual. I would like to lean on what is gently accepted at such time. Let's be cautious of a person with malice in such a state.

No5. 【The person in charge of life is you.】・・・・

Problem solving is impossible if you do not try hard. If its best is not done in your life, it does not improve. If your life escapes from a painful thing, it will not improve by any means. Man learns many teachings from a painful thing. All of lives are dependent on your view. Man does not accept himself's responsibility easily. Man passes the buck outside around. Man shuts his eyes to himself's responsibility, and blames the exterior. It is because it is easier as a result. However, you are charged with all the responsibility for life. You have to accept that unconditionally.

No6. 【The cause by which man fails is from "a view is sweet." The cause of failing is neither fate nor the soul.】・・・・

The important view for not failing.

a) If life encounters a painful aspect of affairs, it will not choose an easy way.

b) Life should fight conversely without escaping from a painful aspect of affairs.

c) Having caused the painful aspect of affairs thinks that I am myself, and it never imputes the responsibility to others.

d) If you encounter a painful aspect of affairs, let's regaze at the heart thoroughly.

e) And let's become calm and cool the head.

f) Please do not run to a radical belief by any means.

g) A radical belief brings about destruction and also destroys your life.

h) Please do not commit suicide for reasons of painfulness by any means.

i) If you are in pain, those who claim "the cause is your fate", "you are possessed with an evil spirit", etc. will appear.

j) The opinion should ignore.

k) A cause is in the sweetness of your view.

l) Your view had made a mistake in the cause.

m) Let's verify the wrong portion thoroughly.

o) And let's draw up the next measure.

p) Finally, the painful matter in your life should consider the whetstone which polishes you, and should move forward.

No7.【 There is one essential answer which escapes from suffering in this homepage.】・・・・

This homepage is initiating you into how to remove suffering.

Please read this homepage, face yourself thoroughly and discover the essential answer which leads to problem solving.

No8. 【Man is not God. Man is not a Saint.】・・・・

A perfect human being like God does not exist in this world. Man is alive, repeating failure and frustration.
There is no strong human being from the beginning.
Getting damaged in life, man gains an experience experienced in many battles, and becomes strong. And man is hard alive.

No9. 【The criminal who hinders your life exists in your brain.】・・・・

Various walls appear at your life theater. And the wall blocks your favorable life. The criminal who hinders your life lives in your brain. You are troubled by this criminal that lives in the brain. This homepage conquers pain in such life, and exhibits how to make a living positively in the affirmative. And the writer exhibits the soul of the human being of the new field which arrived at the end.
The name of the soul is a "diamond soul." I am sure that this "diamond soul" is certainly helpful to your life.
Please drive the contents of following No10 in the head and live strongly.

No10. 【The occurrence of the minus which happens to you in life is a whetstone which polishes your soul.】・・

Since man worries, he grows. Since man fails, he learns a lot. The occurrence of all the minus which occurs in life is a whetstone which polishes your soul.

The occurrence of the main minus.

A trouble and illusion, fear of insecurity, impatience, feelings of loneliness, failure, frustration, illness, depression, neurosis, etc.

As for a soul, man is polished only at the time of the occurrence of minus. It is not that a soul is polished at the time when life is favorable. It is the same as a cleric's practice. A cleric makes severe environment specially and polishes a soul. Therefore, those who have encountered the occurrence of minus now need to think that it is a golden chance to polish a soul. Let's think that a chance to polish one's soul is now. Therefore, let's think that your exercise hall is this world. The exercise hall of the origin which polishes your soul is this world. Even if a fundamental exercise hall does not go into a special place, this world that is living now is an exercise hall. Let's change the occurrence of minus into worth of plus in this exercise hall. It is you that do thinking conversion at worth of plus.

No11. 【Let's spread "MERCYCHAN" in the world together with me because of human beings' bright future.】・・・・

I experienced the bottom of suffering. I discovered the one method of conquering painfulness from such an experience. The method was born from "one essential firm belief of man." I arrived at the new field "Man is the living thing of thank you." Man has versatility.
However, if man does not decide central existence of a soul, he is not stabilized. Let's decide the soul of the central existence to be "Man is the living of thank you."
If it decides so, man will be stabilized mentally.

The human view of "Man is the living of thank you" which I reached can conquer painfulness. The human view is a sense of values beyond the difference among all the religion, all the races, etc. of human beings common to human beings simultaneously. In the world, the phenomenon of division-izing has occurred in the sense of values of diversity now. I think that the divided world requires the philosophy of a human new view. Human beings will become scattering if there is no philosophy of a human new view. As for human beings, gaps, such as discrimination and a difference between prejudice and wealth and poverty, spread increasingly by this. The world will become unstable if it does so.

If it becomes so, human beings' future will not become bright. I think that I would like to spread the philosophy of a human new view in the world, in order to make human beings' future as bright as possible. I named the “diamond soul" the soul of the philosophy of the human new view. And I devised the lovely character that a "diamond soul" seems to be able to understand easily also by a child. The name of the character is "MERCYCHAN." I think that argument is not lost, unless human beings start a spiritual revolution.

Let's spread "MERCYCHAN" in the world together with me because of human beings' bright future.

※ Human beings are earth peoples. Let's carry out this way of thinking.

No12.【The present age is the world of intense competition.】・・・・

Man's world is materialized in the dirty world and the beautiful world. Such the world is the world of intense competition. However, the competition is not bad. Human beings are progressing by the competition. The wonderful product is born by such competition. Human beings are continuing creating new value. This world is not interesting if competition does not exist in human beings. Human beings like competition. The world of competition clarifies a winner and a loser.

No13. 【It is most important for human beings to put the body on the beautiful world in the world of such intense competition.】 ・・・

(Balance of human beings' soul.)

The human beings who live in such the world must not forget to put the body on "the beautiful world." It is because that is important in order to maintain the balance of human beings' soul. When mental balance collapses, human beings suffer from psychogenic illnesses, such as an illness of the heart. In the worst case, human beings' peace may be disturbed. Therefore, putting the body on "the beautiful world" leads to protecting an individual and a country. That is, it is a tranquilizer that puts the body on "the beautiful world." Human beings may cause argument of war etc., if "the beautiful world" is looked down upon. Human beings' history proves that. Therefore, "the beautiful world" is indispensable to human beings. I want people in the world to understand that. Therefore, human beings have to polish "the soul impressed by a beautiful thing." The method of polishing a soul is the "GFIT method."

No14. 【Truth is a simple equation apparently. However ・・・・.】


Do you know the above-mentioned equation? This equation is a famous equation which the physicist's "Einstein" considered. This equation means "Changing to energy with slight merely immense mass." These contents are one of the important conclusions of the "special theory of relativity" of Einstein. This equation is simple apparently. However, this equation revolutionized the world. This equation is a source of nuclear development. This equation can explain the sun of the fixed star of the universe. That is, human beings got to know the truth of "substance = energy." Therefore, although this equation is simple, it is a surprising equation. The meaning of this equation is deep.

I read many religion documents and philosophy books. I experienced the bottom of suffering of life. And the new field at which I finally arrived is "HEART + SMILE=MERCYCHAN." = The character of the special all the love character= The character for spiritual speed-per -second lighting.


This equation is simple apparently. However, this equation gives off the strongest power and a bright light. This equation was born by "Proof of human beings' goodwill." That is, this equation was born by the new field of "Man is the living thing of thank you." Although this equation is simple apparently, the contents have a deep meaning. The concrete contents should see the following related page. Human beings can start a spiritual revolution. It is because human beings proved existence of the "mirror cell" within a brain scientifically. Human beings can change by the "mirror cell." The method is the "GFIT method."

Conclusion. ・・・・

Apparently, although these two equations are simple, they have a deep meaning.

※ E =mc2 became the theory which can explain the sun of the universe (or nature).

The link place in this HP of the relation of H+S=M

1 Reformo of human beings' soul.= No1 of the special all the love character theory.   2 Idea. (A new concept.)
3 The meaning, the concept, and others of MERCYCHAN. = No2 of the special all the love character theory.
4 The question which often exists.

※ H+S=M is one essential firm belief of man. This equation was borne by “Man is the living thing of thank you” and “Proof of human beings’ goodwill”.
One equation expressed the above contents. It is H+S=M.

※ The definition of the special all the love character.・・・ The 1 exceeds all the differences of human beings. And the 2 warms a soul brightly with a powerful special light called love like the sun to all the people. And finally the 3 creates the soul with which all the people were filled with affection. I defined the character which completes even these 1-3 as "the special all the love character."

The fusion reaction of the sun and a soul.


No15. If life faces despair, it has a way of faith.】・・・・

The more science progresses, the more the present age stops believing in God. It is because faith is not scientific. That a present-day trend is not scientifically proved to be cannot be trusted. Many people have said, "The head becomes painful", if the religious philosophical talk is heard. It is because the head becomes painful that people cannot understand.

Thus, the world of God is generally disliked. Philosophy is poor at man. People who are generally criticizing religion have not experienced despair in life. It is better not to experience despair in fact.
However, there are people who also encounter a misfortune at despair. Faith opens a new chapter in the future then.

This chapter explains why faith opens a new chapter in the future. It is clear that the world's of God is not scientific. There is no person who proved existence of God scientifically. And there is also no person who witnessed God. But in man's world, much religion exists. This is wonderful. Why is it?
The answer is because human beings have affirmed the world after death.

Next, man is positioned as "a spiritual living thing."
By science, I cannot prove the "soul." This world is the one romantic world. "The spiritual world" is the one strange romantic world. When man despairs of this world, there is help. The one strange romantic world is the world beyond the wall of man's thinking power.

Man may be governed in the face of the wall of despair by the feeling of "pain." When it becomes such a situation, man is going to break through the wall in an idea on hand. Man may be able to overcome in the idea. However, man may be unable to overcome. Man is puzzled when it becomes such a situation. When the worst, I may suffer from the illness of the heart. And I may commit suicide. An important thing is "itself's idea" here.

"Its idea" has a limit. I stick and commit suicide to the limit. However, man can pour in "the idea of God" into the head. It is faith. If it does so, the idea of problem solving will spread. Man will be saved if the wall of a limit is torn by faith. However, the present age's tendency to dislike God is strong. There are many people who feel resistance for believing in God by that. Therefore, it is the environment in which it is hard to believe. However, when you despair truly, please do not rule over by those environment. Let's turn a rudder to faith decisively. Then, a life is connected.

The most important thing in life is "connecting a life." It is throwing away the present idea, in order for you to become fortunate, and pouring in the idea of new God. The religion which many great predecessors cleared exists on human beings' history. The predecessors need to study "the idea of God" suffered for which troubles and cleared. Let's keep from being confused people who have not experienced despair in life.

The one method of preventing suicide.

The one method of preventing suicide.・・・ I find out the right faith.・・・Why?・・・I overthrow the wall of my idea.To the world of the idea of God.( To the one strange romantic world.)・・・ To the world of the freedom of a "view".

【The concrete method of overthrowing the wall of one's idea.】 It is believing.(However, the right doctrine etc.)
※ Will be saved if it believes why.It is because it means that the wall of your idea was overthrown by having believed. That is, it is because the posture of the positive heart was acquired when you accepted the right doctrine etc. As for you, "what you believe" becomes important by that. When you meet with what abused God, I will go in the surprising direction. Therefore, "what you believe" is important. The right faith expands "the domain of love." The doctrine which expands "hatred" is dangerous. Finally it brings about destruction. What you choose needs to pay the greatest attention.

【The picture which tears the wall of its idea.】

The most important thing in life is "connecting a life."

◎About an opinion. ・・・・Man has those who can assert their idea to the last, and those who cannot do it. It is character. If man pierces through his opinion truly, the wall of its idea will be torn. However, if it is not made, I will be filled inside.
Therefore, piercing through one's opinion to the last is important in life.

◎About the strange romantic world.・・・・New discovery and invention have an order. Man may meet with new discovery and invention by having accepted "the world of the idea of God." For that purpose, an order is required. This is "the result of having progressed before." The limited world of "its idea" may be unable to build an order. I hear that I cannot move it forward. Therefore, "the world of the idea of God" is the one strange romantic world.
Many scientists believe in "the world of the idea of God" which is not proved by science.

◎Reference.・・・・The scientific world.Substance. Molecule.Atom.Nucleus.A proton, a neutron, and an electron.Elementary particle.
Why does the elementary particle exist in the empty universe? What had happened to the universe before the Big Bang? Why does this space exist?

An ultimate question.・・・・ This space is not "nothing". Why is it "being"? What was it at first?
Was it born any? Were born why. This world is full of not understanding.

※Cautions.・・・・Faith solves no problems. Let's get the doctor of psychiatry to have a look at the illness of the heart. Let's consult with each specialist on the individual problem which you have.
Faith serves as a guidepost of life, and a mental support.

No16. There is no time which has said the slander and the excuse of others in life.】・・・・

If life is positively useful and goes, there is no time which has said the slander and the excuse of others. There is no time which has spoken ill of others in the life which he sets up a clear target and is burning the flame of passion to it. If man says the slander and the excuse of others and its presence is taken out, he will begin to go in the direction where a soul is ruined. Have not you seen the human being who has spoken only ill of a former "bad money drives out good" person? About once, you will surely have. Probably I saw such a human being and did not feel it as "those who is lively and is alive."

A soul goes in the direction which will be ruined if suitable in such a bad direction. You think that you had seen "the freshly living human being" in the past. The person regards as having witnessed that the energy which rises high from the whole body (the nervous system is also included) is emitting. If a switch with once positive man is turned on, I will not allow the posture of the backward heart to come near. Therefore, the world turns into the world where "people's slander" and an "excuse" do not exist. Life is only 1 time. No less than 2 times and no less than 3 times are not. Let's drive that in the head again, turn one, suit, and decide to live positively and to go life now. 

No17. 【Why are human beings equipped with the capability to feel "a mental pain"?】・・・・

Human beings do the worst suicide by "a mental pain."
"A mental pain" is a formidable enemy for human beings.
Many people fell victim by this formidable enemy. Then, why do human beings have the capability to feel "a mental pain"? A writer wants to consider such a thing here. I consider "a mental pain" to be a message from a brain. The meaning of the message is "considering a measure." In short, it is "carrying out somehow." An important thing is "thinking" here. Human beings have the powerful power of "thinking." According to the power, human beings overcame "a mental pain" and have built history. "A mental pain" is a source of human beings' progress. Probably, human beings were not able to do building civilization, if human beings did not have "a mental pain."
Although "a mental pain" is a formidable enemy for human beings, if the formidable enemy is defeated with the powerful arms "thinking", human beings' new door will open it.

A writer wants to cry now. Those who are faced with "a mental pain" must not be defeated by this formidable enemy. If this formidable enemy is defeated, the door included in the new world will open. All the obstacles which bar your life are the treasures currently prepared for your progress. Let's live and go by such an idea.


To all the people in the world to respect.
Man's soul kills man. Then, what should human beings do?

Writer・・・Harunobu Kodama

Human beings own many tools containing the arms which kill man now. There are many the useful vehicle and track which human beings invented, an airplane, a rocket, a forklift, a machine, a kitchen knife, knives, guns, dynamites, etc., and they are in it. Human beings' greatest homicide arms are nuclear bombs. All of those things become useful by the view of man's good. However, man may abuse those convenient things. Especially powerful arms are important in order to keep state defense, a national life, and property. When it is thought that man wants to use those things for homicide, those convenient things change to a killing machine altogether. Even if it thinks that I do not abuse a car, many people are dead in the accident all over the world almost every day.

However, those useful things are not thrown away just because human beings are so. It is because those things became a required thing indispensable to progress and a life of human beings' civilization, or defense. It is thought that human beings' peace is maintained by existence of a nuclear bomb. I may be scolded by people who claim that abolition of nuclear weapons asserts such a view. However, it is one truth. Man is the living thing which has the foolish side apparently although you seem to be wise. World War II is proving it.

Thus, all the convenient wonderful things that human beings invented have a merit and a demerit. Human beings have to recognize that. If it thinks that man will kill man, man can use anything. In it, poison, a chemical weapon, a biological weapon, a poisonous snake, a scorpion, a steel pipe, a stone, an electric saw, etc. are contained.

“The Aum Shinrikyo” of the religious group started the "sarin nerve-gas attack on the Tokyo subway system" in Tokyo in Japan on March 20, A.D. 1995. This incident is a "coordinated-terrorist-attacks-incident” using the Sarin of the chemical weapon.
Many people died.

When it thinks that man will kill man, even if there are no existing arms, man manufactures powerful arms, also even by man's manufacturing himself. Man needs to study that. If man has a place which sells a nuclear bomb, mancan also buy it.

In the sarin nerve-gas attack on the Tokyo subway system, the criminal used the Sarin of the chemical weapon manufactured itself. They designed the sarin production plant themselves and worked the manufacture plant. And they made Sarin. They insisted that they were manufacturing agricultural chemicals at first. All Japanese was deceived by them. Nobody thought that Japanese people were manufacturing such a dangerous chemical weapon by no means.

Thus, man is a living thing which manufactures the powerful arms etc. in which homicide is possible, even when it thinks that man will kill man and there are no arms in the surroundings.

Therefore, even if arms etc. are regulated or it carries out abandonment etc., man will manufacture powerful homicide arms himself. Moreover, man may supply the powerful arms more than the arms regulated and discarded. Man has to learn that from this incident.

In the United States of America, the airplane was used in the coordinated-terrorist-attacks incident which occurred on September 11, A.D. 2001. Thus, man uses anything, when it thinks that man will kill man. And man thinks that man will supply even from where. It is because man has a bad soul. It is because man's brains are used in the bad direction.

Then, I advance a view one step. When man can do neither abandonment nor regulation nor disposal in a convenient thing with those merits and demerits, what should man do? The answer considers that I reform man's soul. Because, man is from "all that man emits come out from a soul." It is because a view to abuse also comes out of a soul.
The convenience of civilization will carry out a great contribution to human beings, if the soul out of which the bad view comes is improved. If even religion is abused, I will change to homicide thought. In order not to be such, I think that it is necessary to reform human beings' soul in the good direction. The character devised based on such a view is "MERCYCHAN."

The convenience of civilization is usually employed by the soul of man's good. However, man may change his soul suddenly under the influence of illness, a radical belief, etc. When applied by the human being with whom the convenience of civilization was filled in malice by the unusual soul, the convenience changes to a killing machine etc. A kitchen knife and a knife are frequently used for homicide. However, those weapons are not criticized. It is because neither the kitchen knife nor the knife considers that people are bad. Man's soul considers clearly that people are bad. All the weapons change to the tool etc. which kill man by man's malicious soul. Therefore, no weapons are bad and there is a problem in the soul of the human being who employs it.

Under those circumstances, Human beings have to make an effort to stop eternal homicide. The efforts are efforts to reform human beings' soul. The activity which creates the soul which I do not consider that man will kill man is important. I consider the activity to be one fundamental solution.(=The spread activities of MERCYCHAN of human beings' identity.) It is because man's soul kills man.

Human beings' real enemy.



As for the fatalities from traffic accidents in the world, A.D. 2013 are about 1,250,000 people. These statistics are from WHO of the World Health Organization.

【Human beings' light and shadow.】

The soul of human beings' tolerance which tries to be settled greatly may weaken an individual country. It is human beings' shadow. Therefore, excessive adherence may occur. Now, in the world, extreme right-wing influence began to gain power. These are the initial phenomena of excessive adherence. Human beings have caused the big slaughter case by excessive adherence in the past. The terror attack which has occurred now occurs by excessive adherence. They are human beings' shadows. The shadow cannot allow tolerance.

It is a fact that the power of human beings' individual country is a driving force of human beings' development. Human beings have developed in frightful speed since the Industrial Revolution. As a result, human beings got immense wealth. And human beings made the wealth financial funds, and are still more greatly developed. This is human beings' light. Human beings' light is collected greatly and does not shine. The minimum unit of the power of an individual country serves as big power, and shines. The human beings who experienced that oppose being collected greatly.

Japan has the language that tread on a worm and it will turn. There is a limit in service. Only others are not concerned with human beings. Oneself is first. Human beings avoid to such a thing. The first principle of its own country is in fashion. Desire that this wants to fight by the power of an individual country has occurred. It is a desire to obtain the light of a glory. What human beings are asking for is the light of a glory.

However, what happened to the result which human beings have asked for the light of a glory? It caused global warming. Human beings cannot catch this problem indulgently. This problem has raised the serious problem. Only its own country is not allowed for it to prosper. It means this. Human beings need to notice that. And human beings have entered the time of seeing the whole body of mankind. The past glory did not need to look at the whole body of mankind. However, the present age is different. Human beings rushed into the time which must be inevitably collected into one.
The method collected into one should look at this.

Human beings will create the shadow of excessive adherence, if the light of tolerance is emitted. Human beings will create the shadow of global warming, if the light of a glory is emitted. Now, the problem with which human beings are faced determines human beings' future. Human beings are standing on the crossroads of being tolerance or whether it is un-tolerant. Now, human beings are the time when the heart shakes. However, at the end, human beings have to make a big decision. I think that a big decision does not create a shadow. I think that a halfway decision creates a shadow. Now, human beings think that they have greeted the critical moment. If a big decision goes wrong, I will think that the future which recovery does not attach is waiting. What is a big decision? It is throwing away an important big thing. When human beings throw it away, human beings' future image can be seen clearly. Don't you consider human beings' light and the thing of a shadow at this opportunity?

◎A shout of human beings.・・・(Since human beings have various views, they are not collected easily. )

1 Advanced nations have taken out many profits according to the industry of former many. From now on, we the underdeveloped countries take out many profits and become rich. Advanced nations emitted carbon dioxide in large quantities, and became rich until now. We become rich shortly. It is wrong to force restriction of carbon dioxide on us now.

2 Advanced nations caused global warming. Advanced nations should take the responsibility for global warming.

3 Global warming is delusion without a basis.

※Various opinions of human beings are flying about by the difference in a position now. Intellectually, human beings understand the problem. However, human beings cannot solve a problem easily by various bondage. Human beings' heart is shaking. However, there is no time which human beings are establishing easy. Ten years have said the scientist as the match after this. Human beings need to prevent global warming in ten more years. If a scientist adopts no measures over ten years, I will warn that the earth becomes a situation which recovery does not attach.

◎The present human beings need to devise the money-making which does not emit carbon dioxide. And the present human beings need to develop the technology of burying carbon dioxide in the earth efficiently. Then, human beings may be able to prevent global warming.

【Human beings have the character which cannot be performed even if he understands intellectually.】

Even if human beings understand that I must not do, they have the character in which I cannot stop it. It is like it drinking alcohol, if you like alcohol and it hides from a doctor irrespective of the doctor's inhibition having started, even if liver is bad and in the hospital. Even if the result of dying is known, human beings cannot stop alcohol. With the head, if alcohol is drunk, it turns out that a life is shortened, but I cannot stop alcohol. Prevention of global warming has such the whole surface. It is because human beings' desire has stood with its legs wide apart.
Human beings cannot solve a problem like the sharpness of a razor. That is because there are various nothing relations. There are many people who have connected the life by the fossil fuel which human beings discovered. Human beings cannot throw away a fossil fuel into eye others right now. This is actual. While human beings have a thing with the warm heart, they also have a cold place. Even if human beings hear the news of others' misfortune, they have touch like other people's affairs. That in which human beings do not have damage directly is every others. In inside, the person who omits people's misfortune saying "It is not having got to know" is also. Human beings are as hard as possible at a life of them, and are not being cared about by people. Such a tendency is strong before damage comes also out of this global warming to its place.
However, human beings feel that "global warming" is progressing. Therefore, human beings are going to decarbonization matter society. The carbon-dioxide-emissions zero target was held up by 2050 still more. Although much difficulties are expected, I think that I am following the flow in the world to decarbonization matter society certainly. And a new business opportunity is also produced in the flow. For example, if there is even technology even if a car is not a large maker, either, also individually, an electric vehicle will be a time which can be built. I am sure that human beings can solve the problem of global warming together surely. There is no problem unsolvable if human beings are collected into one.


I think that it is a thing it is better to have changed how to call "global warming" and to consider it as "earth blazing inferno-ization." Do you hear "global warming" and feel a sense of crisis? I think that this name is too gentle. The words which human beings disseminate say "this district is warm good land" or "since the climate of this district is warm, it is the highest." By such a reason, I consider a way of speaking called warming as it is better to stop. Warm language contains the meaning that it is comfortable.

How do you think?

The phenomenon which cannot be accepted exists in human beings' world.

Circular constant.・・・・・
305・・・・・・・・・Human beings have calculated calculation of a circular constant to 31,400 billion figures with the supercomputer as of A.D. 2020. Human beings need the long time for 332,064 years, in order to finish saying this number by the mouth.

I expressed suddenly the number of such a circular constant that cannot be accepted. Why did I express such a number? This is because the feeling which cannot be accepted in the feeling of the heart exists. Please see the following figure.

【The depth of the heart to which human beings got damaged.】

◎ The crack of the heart appears as human beings' minus worldly desires. The feeling which cannot be accepted serves as the depth of the crack of the heart, and appears. Typical minus worldly desires are hatred and revenge.

※ Human beings may kill the assailant who wounded himself, if it leaves the portion of . Human beings continue hating for a long period of time. Human beings kill an assailant and are cleared of the heart.

※ The problem is the portion which got damaged deeply. This portion is unsolvable with money. The feeling which human beings break and does not go out may serve as an illness of the heart, and suicide, and may appear. Therefore, it is necessary to convert human beings in the direction to which I can give a clear-cut solution. Human beings' being able to be businesslike is allowing. Otherwise, life does not improve. I only follow to the way of self-destruction the way which cannot be allowed. You must not go to the way of such self-destruction. Let's practice the GFIT method using MERCYCHAN of human beings' identity every day. If it does so, you can progress in the direction to which I can give a clear-cut solution. It is possible by printing MERCYCHAN into a brain. Moreover, it will become possible to allow people, if faith is deepened.

(※Cautions.) ・・・・Even if human beings have dressed themselves brightly externally, the root of the heart may not have allowed. Such a state is not the best. In such a case, let's carry out somehow and convert in "the direction to allow" by the GFIT method. If you suffer from the mental illness, let's consult and treat the doctor of reputable psychiatry. It is not a shameful thing. When a crack is received in the heart, it is the same as flesh in having received the crack. Let's consult the doctor of reputable psychiatry in such a case. Medical treatment may be needed.




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